The Musings on Astrology show on Blog Talk Radio happens (nearly) every Sunday at 11 am.  This week’s show celebrates the conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus that culminated yesterday, and the power of these planets to facilitate breakthroughs. Breakthroughs are sometimes ecstatically thrilling, but sometimes they can be frightening if we don’t feel ready or if we’re holding on to something from the past.  Today we’ll talk about ways to break down the blocks that keep us from moving forwards in our lives. I’ll also talk a bit about the upcoming Equinox and what the Equinox chart suggests about the next few months.
I’ll start taking calls about halfway through the show, so you can ask a question about your own chart (first-time callers only please). The call-in number is 646-478-5731. These calls are best suited to a particular question – there is not time in the show to do a general reading! If you’d like a personal consultation, please contact me directly. To listen, click the player below at or after 11 am Eastern Sunday morning (before that time you’ll hear the last archived program).
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