Tune in Sunday mornings at 11 am Eastern for Musings on Astrology on Blog Talk Radio. On today’s show we’ll be talking about the Aries New Moon. Aries is the initiatory sign of the zodiac which is the solar cycle, and the New Moon is the initiatory phase of the lunar cycle so this is a powerful time of new beginnings.

How can we best utilize this time to create positive change in our lives? In what area of our lives will this energy be most powerful? These are the things we’ll be talking about today.

To listen, use the player below. At 11 am Eastern the Aries New Moon show will be available, and once the show is over it will be archived so that you can listen to it later as well. To interact in the chatroom and ask questions during the show, please register at Blog Talk Radio.

You’ll also have an opportunity to call in with questions about your own chart, and if you don’t have internet access you can use the call-in number to listen to the show as well. That number is 646-478-5731.

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