Jupiter opposite Neptune

Reflection from Deviant Art

One thing I love about the astrological language is that everything has both a positive and negative aspect.  The confidence and abundance of Jupiter and Sagittarius have a dark shadow: complacence and laziness.  The stress and challenge of Saturn and Capricorn have a bright side: focus and achievement.  The creativity and spiritual magic of Neptune and Pisces can also bring illusion, delusion and confusion.

But there’s no sugar coating the fact that energies of expansion conflict with energies of contraction, and we have a great deal of this push/pull going on right now.  Saturn (restriction) moved into Sagittarius (expansion) in late 2014 and then retrograded back into Scorpio until this month.  Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius over the next two years will enable us to harness our dreams and yearnings into a focused plan for success.  However, it will also test our confidence and potentially create an environment where distress can occur.

Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy and other shared ideologies, as well as air travel and the mixing of foreign cultures.  Saturn in Sagittarius has brought with it the challenges (Saturn) of migration (Sagittarius) in Europe and of course even more stress (Saturn) from ideological conflict (Sagittarius).  This conflict accelerated in August when Saturn formed a challenging square to Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius and brought these issue to a fevered pitch.

Jupiter is now in Virgo – an earth sign which, like Saturn, demands a level of practicality which Jupiter is typically not that comfortable with.  Jupiter seeks to perpetually grow and evolve, and Virgo wants to hold back and create order so the conflicting energies of expansive dynamic creation with repression and reorganization will continue to react against one another, potentially causing an eruption or crisis.

As I write this, Jupiter is now opposite Neptune.  Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common because they are both co-rulers of Pisces, the sign that presides over our dreams, creativity and spiritual yearnings.  Jupiter’s expansive and buoyant nature is a natural ally for Neptune’s inspiration, so even the more challenging interactions, like the current opposition, are less fraught with conflict than some other planetary combinations.  There is nearly unlimited creative potential to be unlocked here, as well as an expansion of the inner spiritual heart.

Later in October Jupiter will also form an opposition to Chiron.  Chiron regulates the emotional distress that we hold in our body’s energy system, and its interaction with Jupiter will help to liberate this distress so that it can be processed.  For some of us this will be an exciting and freeing experience – for others it could be painful as those old wounds emerge into the conscious mind, ready to be set free.

This swirl of conflicting energies will continue for the next month or two at least, so go ahead and settle into that solid ground under your feet as you reach for the stars and allow your heart to open to your highest potential.

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