I decided to publish the Paris profile here after all – she turned out to be more interesting than I thought!

Paris Hilton is widely dismissed as a dumb blonde, but her birthchart shows her with the Sun conjunct Mercury – a placement that usually denotes a powerful mind and strong intelligence. With both the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius she is creative and individualistic as well, making her own way through the world with a strong independent streak. She is not a person who would be content to live off the fruits of her family fortune, but needs to make her own way in the world. Although she is very bright, Mercury in her chart is retrograde (meaning it appeared to turn backwards at the time that she was born) which shows that communication is difficult for her and it can be difficult for her to make herself understood. Perhaps there was an early learning disability that further eroded her confidence about her mental abilities.

Aquarius is a rational and reasonable sign that is not concerned with matters of emotion but lives more in the realm of ideas, but Paris’s Sun and Mercury are in the last degrees of Aquarius and bleeding into the watery sign of Pisces. (The notion of the “cusp” is true only at the last degrees of one sign, but once a planet goes into the next sign there is no more cusp influence.) Aquarius and Pisces are both creative signs, with Aquarius being intellectually creative and Pisces creativity coming from a more divine inspiration. And the introduction of the sensitivity into Paris’s personality through the Pisces influence will help to offset the more revolutionary tendencies of her Aquarian nature.

Mars (the aggressive instinct) in Paris’s chart is also in sensitive Pisces, suggesting that she has difficulty expressing her needs and anger directly. Mars in Pisces can be rather passive aggressive because it is difficult to confront challenges directly. With Mars in Pisces there is a tendency to stir up trouble while attempting to appear that one is not involved in the conflict.

Still, Paris is a revolutionary and a radical, as shown by a square from Mars to the radical planet of change: Uranus. Paris has a drive (Mars) to create change in the world (Uranus), and she sometimes attempts to accomplish this through extreme means. She is an iconoclast, defined as “one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions.”

Paris’s Leo Moon shows that she needs recognition on a very personal level, she needs to be admired and feel that she has a special place in the world. This need is a part of her overall personal evolution as shown by the North Node in Leo which conjoins her Moon. The North Node of the Moon is a sign marker that shows where we need to focus our energy in order to best maximize our soul’s journey, and for Paris there is a strong need to celebrate through play and fun. For much of her early life this has occurred through the global party circuit, but as she matures she will hone this need to party into a more refined celebration of life itself.

Her Leo Moon is squared by Chiron (the “Wounded Healer”), showing an inner psychic wound to her confidence and emotional stability. Chiron is also square to her Venus which reveals a deep insecurity about her attractiveness to others as well as a deep sense that at the core, she is not loveable. This lack of confidence, the passive aggression of Mars in Pisces and the wild behavior of the Mars/Uranus square combine to create a person who tends to lash out and punish those who she feels have disrespected her. Much of the buzz about Paris in the news has been over conflicts with various people whom she felt slighted her in some way.

The square from Chiron to Venus and the resulting insecurity often does lead to sexual indiscretion, and it is to her credit that at an early age she realized that making herself an easy sexual target was not a good idea and she entered a one-year period of self-imposed celibacy. It is likely that Paris’s love affair with the papparazzi is due at least in part to her severe insecurity and need to prove to the world that she is the attractive woman that she fears she is not.

Another indicator of relationship difficulty is Saturn (restrictions and disappointment) conjunct Jupiter (expansion and idealism) in Libra, the sign of relationships. Paris has no trouble making friends and finding lovers (Jupiter in Libra) but then the limitations imposed by Saturn kick in and she is forced to face the difficult issues that underlie the relationships. Still, this combination of Saturn and Jupiter builds inner strength and as she matures she will find that this combination begins to serve her in a different way, to become more discriminating and to learn how to build lasting commitments. This combination of Jupiter and Saturn is a good marker for success if the individual does not become overly disappointed by periods of failure but instead stays focused and disciplined.

Pluto, the powerhouse of the astrological pantheon, is in a harmonious aspect (trine) to Paris’s Sun/Mercury conjunction which identifies her as possessing a tremendous amount of personal power and the ability to redefine herself and process periods of transformation with ease. There is a sharpened focus as well under the Pluto influence, increasing her power of intention and ability to manifest what she wants to happen.

Now Paris is headed to jail June 5 for violating the terms of her probation stemming from a DUI arrest last fall. She is currently going through quite a few planetary cycles that involve Mars at the moment which are stirring up her rebellious nature and she has tried to escape the jail sentence, even appealing to Governor Schwarzenegger for a pardon. And transiting Chiron started setting off the Moon/Chiron/Venus t-square in her chart, bringing up old wounds and creating some emotional pain for her to work through. But with transiting Pluto in harmonious aspect to her Sun and Mercury. Harmonious Pluto cycles bring about tremendous evolution and change, and this experience is likely to have a positive impact on Paris. Already her 45 day sentence has been reduced to 23 days, and I think we will see that Paris will make the most of the situation and end up on top.

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