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At any Full Moon we are dealing with two opposite signs with opposing polarities, each one needing what the other one possesses in order to become truly whole.  This can serve to bring out our inner contradictions, and heighten the intense emotionality for which the Full Moon is well known.  The Scorpio Full Moon features an opposition to the Taurus Sun: the intensity and passion of Scorpio needs to find balance against the need for serenity and peacefulness of Taurus.  Both are fixed signs: stubborn and powerful, with a tendency towards rigidity and difficulty letting go.  Scorpio, though, is intensely emotional and dramatic where Taurus is, or at least wants to be, placid but still powerful – very like the bull for which it is named.

This Full Moon reminds us that we can become our best selves when we find balance between these two dynamics:  the power of emotions and the power of stillness.  The potency of this time is echoed in the fact that the astrological Beltane, a fire festival honoring the god Belenos (the shining one), occurs at the midway point between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, at 15 degrees Taurus.  The Vesak festival honoring not only the birth of Buddha, but also his enlightenment and death,  is a festival of lights which takes place each year at the Scorpio Full Moon.  Scorpio is ruled for its passionate potency, and the Scorpio Full Moon has the potential to create a powerful force of Will which can be used to create and manifest.  The Scorpio Full Moon calls on us to explore the deep realms of the unconscious and our own passionate natures and come to terms with our own inner darkness, helping us to reclaim our true selves.

As the ruler of Scorpio Mars rules the Full Moon, and it sits in the Full Moon chart in a wide square aspect to the Sun and Moon, presenting a challenge and forcing a confrontation of some kind.  This confrontation will likely take place internally, in our own consciousness or subconscious mind, and could require a choice to be made.  In Aquarius, Mars is the Visionary and encourages this choice to be made from an enlightened viewpoint rather than a visceral reaction of Scorpionic instinct or the Taurean desire to remain planted.

Mercury (mind and curiosity) is just separating from a conjunction to the Sun but is still opposite the Moon, so there could be a conflict which arises due to the head thinking one thing and the inner emotional truth knowing another.  With any opposition, integration is required.  Neither side is correct and balance is the key to successfully utilizing the power of a Full Moon.  Fortunately a harmonious aspect from Neptune (mystical imagination and spiritual grace) to the Moon and Sun provides an expansive heart-opening opportunity to dissolve the hard edges and find real and true acceptance and peace in the power and intensity of the Scorpio passion.

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