Philip Sedgwick has a post on his new blog at Matrix that is chock full of interesting points to share.  Philip is an interesting astrologer – he was one of the first astrologers to work with the Galactic Center point which was so much in the news over the past few years as Pluto made a conjunction to it.  He is still exploring realms outside the boundaries of ordinary astrology, looking for ways to integrate the new Solar System into the astrological language.

Philip wrote an election blog for Huffington Post last year, and his commentary on that experience made me very glad I was picked up by Beliefnet and not, say, the New York Times which frankly was my fantasy.  It just shows that the Universe knows what’s best.  At any rate, Philip’s experience was not very enjoyable:

In honor of Mercury’s impending retrograde, allow me to back up first. Last fall I had the pleasure of writing a blog regarding election polling and the upcoming U. S. Presidential Election for the Huffington Post. My posts appeared under a subcategory entitled Huffpollstrology. But when I started writing for HuffPo, the first post was placed in the column with the standard array of mainstream bloggers. Oh my! I discovered that despite the stats about the general public loving to read sun sign columns, approximately 80% of the comments received about my first post were hostile, hateful and ignorant of the topic they condemned, which in the realm of blogging has nothing to do with anything. The ridicule came in from the obvious religious quarters, those who despise superstition and well educated and/or intelligent folks who condemned the idiocy of those who put credence into astrology. The spiteful comments continued through the tenure of my columns leading up to the election, despite the impeccable accuracy of the content. “Jeez Louise,” thought I, “Us astrologer folks better not say anythin’ silly lest we fuel the fires of speculation about our sensibilities.”

Interesting that mainstream readers are positive about sun sign astrology, which is more entertainment than astrology, and negative on real astrology, which they call “bunk.”

Phliip goes on to talk about the upcoming 2012 panic.  Will the world really end?  Where does astrology fit in?  I’m getting a lot of emails about this myself, and I’ve noticed that many people are allowing the negativity and fear that is patterned into their own belief systems to erupt at this time with this new “legitimate” impending disaster.

Evidently the Hopi prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina being the harbinger of the emergence of the Fifth World (it is the Fourth World in the Mayan calendar that ends at 2012) is being tied to Comet Holmes which supposedly will top off a 7-year healing cycle.  Philip argues that a comet is not a star, and that Comet Holmes is actually yellow but just appeared blue due to viewing filters, and it comes around every 6.9 years anyway so is hardly the harbinger of anything.

Philip agrees with other writers that the Mayan calendar doesn’t actually end, but that it rolls over and begins anew with a new Great Cycle of 5125 years.  It’s an interesting synchronicity that five Great Cycles adds up to 26,000 years, the Grand Year of the Precession of the Equinoxes marking all of the great astrological ages.

Perhaps this synchronicity is a clue that December 21, 2012 is the gateway to the Age of Aquarius, since each Great Cycle would be equal to two astrological ages. The Age of Aquarius will certainly bring in tremendous changes to our culture – but then the development of human culture has been accelerating rapidly ever since Uranus was discovered in 1783.  Nothing is the same from one day to the next!

At any rate, the previous Mayan Cycle ended 5125 years before 2012, or 3113 bce.  This is an interesting millenium because it marks the first Egyptian dynasty and the beginning of the Hebrew calendar.

Pluto teaches us to look at death not as an ending but as a new beginning.  Each day is a new beginning, and our own lives are filled with Great Years – cycles that take us from one life experience to another.  These are the Great Years that are the most important, and every day we have an opportunity to begin anew.  2012 will take care of itself – for now, as the Zen teachers say, the laundry.

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