Pisces full moon August 2010

Art by Marcia Snedecor

The Full Moon on August 24th is at the first degree of Pisces, the sign of dreams, illusions, and a spiritual connection to the divine within.

In a Full Moon, the Moon is  opposite the Sun in the sky from our vantage point, requiring us to bring into balance the polarity of two opposing astrological signs. Here we have the Sun, which just moved into Virgo from Leo yesterday, and the Moon which has just moved into Pisces.  There is a solar  shift of energy from Leo – bright and sunny with an accent on self-expression – into Virgo, bringing our attention to the mundane details of life and the need to create order.  The lunar shift moves from Aquarius – innovative, but also rational and scientific – to the dreamy flow of the inner world that Pisces brings us.

Pisces, as Virgo’s opposite, lives in the realm of Spirit and ideals rather than the mundane. Where Virgo is concerned with matters of the body, Pisces opens the door to the worlds that lie within the soul and psyche. Where Virgo is practical and teaches us to create order, Pisces longs to transcend everyday reality and ascend into more soulful experiences. Neither is better than the other – with the opposition we must learn to create balance and integration.

In this Full Moon Mars conjoins Venus in the sign of Libra, suggesting that yang, the active principle (Mars) and yin, the receptive principle (Venus), also must be reconciled in order to achieve balance and true peace (Libra). With Saturn still in a tight square to Pluto, there is also a need to go deeper and confront any blocks that stand in our way on the journey between the physical reality (Virgo) and the spiritual one (Pisces).

The aftermath of the Full Moon is followed by a harmonious trine of the Sun to Pluto the following daywhich helps to integrate all of the teachings of this power-packed astrological season! For the next few months we have a little breather as the impact of these planetary cycles begin to settle in and offer us an opportunity to see more clearly and live a life that is more fully conscious and empowered.

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