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Meanwhile, here is the overview for May:

Over the past few months we have moved from a dreamy and creative emphasis in Pisces, through a fiery Aries stellium with lots of passion and incendiary events. We are now in a Taurean period where we crave stability and the kind of peace that comes from knowing t hat our lives are secure. However, with Uranus and Pluto moving into phase three of their big challenging cycle, this security is limited. Taurus inspires us to hold firm to our ground, but the Uranus/Pluto square is forcing us to let go of anywhere that we hold onto something that lacks a solid foundation. Our ideas of what our lives should be – fears that keep us from moving forward. The tide is turning now, and we have to somehow find a way to find that peace and serenity while the world around us is shifting.

You can catch up on that here (as well as read my take on last month’s bombing in Boston). Uranus rules surprising events that shatter the status quo and create change, while Pluto regulates the regular destruction and regeneration of that which has decayed and is no longer useful. When these two planets interact in strong aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) the result is an earthquake of social and political change.

This can sound frightening, and of course there are aspects of this dynamic that will create fear and imbalance as old ways fall away and are replaced by new ones. But this intense cycle of transformation does not occur in a vacuum. There are other, more harmonious cycles which add comfort and support. One such cycle is the harmonious sextile between Saturn and Pluto which has been in effect since December of 2012. Saturn adds structure and integrity to the deconstruction process of Pluto and helps us to handle change in a practical manner rather than lose our footing and slip down a vortex of chaos. Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde now, so their influence is more strongly personal as we discover ways to anchor our experience (Saturn) while still encountering the depth of our internal reality (Pluto).

Saturn is also in a trine to Neptune that began last October and will remain in effect over the next few months. In its role as master of the physical world, Saturn aids us in connecting our spiritual yearnings (Neptune) in a more practical application that can help us to find meaning in the change that is occurring all around us.

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