Astrological update for the week of February 27 – March 6, 2023

A changing world is coming. You may already be aware of the planetary transitions coming up over the next few years with all of the outer planets changing signs, and if not you can catch up here. The world is changing, and we humans are having to adapt to new realities. Change is exciting for those of us with lots of fire and air, and more difficult for we earth and water people for whom security and tradition are more important. But we will all be learning flexibility over the next few years under these changing planetary conditions.

In March we will get a taste of what these transitions will bring when seven (SEVEN!!) planets change signs, and these subtle shifts will help us to prepare for what is to come. Planets changing signs shift our attention from one zodiacal influence to another, bringing new influences to color our experiences and help us to grow and evolve.

I’ll be posting more tomorrow about the details of the changes coming up in March, but this week the first of those seven planets will change signs when Mercury enters Pisces on March 2nd. Mercury changes signs every three weeks so this is not that big a deal, but Mercury will be joined by Saturn next week and then the dominos begin to fall. The shift of Mercury into Pisces will bring with it an increased need for a more gentle approach to life; one which allows for greater sensitivity and imagination.

This is a relatively quiet week astrologically so we have an opportunity to relax and envision how changing energies may release us from situations which no longer serve us, or bring new possibilities. The Moon is waxing making this a time for growth, and next week’s Full Moon in Virgo will begin to build over the weekend, especially once the Moon enters Virgo on March 5th and brings our attention to the details of life in a body. These details are critical in order to fully adapt to any changes and transitions that life brings.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday February 27. For the first few days of the week there are no planetary interactions, so the movements of the Moon become more noticeable. The week begins with the Moon in active Gemini, and on Monday it is unhindered by any challenging aspects. This is an excellent day for creativity and planning since there is a general atmosphere of optimism, but also for anything that requires movement or mental exertion. Late this evening the Moon may trigger a fiery reaction but this will last only for a few hours. (Moon sextile Venus 3:24 am, Jupiter 9:07 am, Chiron 1:29 pm, conjunct Mars 11:20 pm.)

Tuesday February 28. Tuesday brings more harmonious mental activity under the Gemini Moon, but for a few hours in the morning we may find ourselves feeling somewhat spacey and ungrounded. If this occurs, a creative or spiritual outlet may be helpful to get the most out of this Neptunian magic, and the rest of the day is stabilized by harmonious aspects.

The shift of the Moon into Cancer in the evening will bring us into a more emotional state for the next few days. (Moon square Neptune 10:45 am, trine Mercury 2:27 pm, trine Saturn 8:07 pm, Moon enters Cancer 9:40 pm.)

Wednesday March 1. The Cancerian Moon can be moody as feelings take center stage, but this shouldn’t be much of a problem for most of us. Later in the evening EST our moodiness may spill over into our relationships, but a harmonious Venus/Jupiter aspect is building throughout the day to culminate on Thursday.

Venus and Jupiter combinations are about the most beneficial conditions we can be blessed with, but another aspect is building that may create a tendency towards negative thinking. Blending these two influences so that we can remain practical and grounded while expecting only the best results will help us to feel more integrated under these competing pressures. (Moon square Ceres 6:56 am, trine Sun 8:10 pm, square Venus 9:49 pm, square Jupiter 10:04 pm.)

Thursday March 2. The two competing planetary influences culminate early on Thursday EST, and under the Cancer Moon it can be more difficult to detach from our feelings and need for security. The optimism of Venus/Jupiter is waning and replaced by a need to create solid structures and plans in order to hold onto our sense of stability.

Mercury will move into watery Pisces at 5:51 pm EST and amplify the influence of water to affect our moods and sensibilities (see the intro paragraph), and this sensitivity will continue into Friday until the Moon moves into Leo. (Venus conjunct Jupiter 12:35 am, Moon square Chiron 1:41 am, sextile Uranus 5:02 am, Mercury conjunct Saturn 9:34 am, Mercury enters Pisces 5:51 pm, Moon trine Neptune 11:23 pm.)

Friday March 3. The sensitivity of the Moon may diminish somewhat when the Moon enters Leo at 10:15 am EST, but a Venus/Chiron interaction suggests that vulnerable feelings may be present for much of the day. The Leo Moon is more self-centered and may not be as aware of the needs of others, but paying closer attention

to the people around us may help to stave off interpersonal difficulties. (Moon opposite Pluto 9:22 am, Moon enters Leo 10:15 am, Venus conjunct Chiron 12:48 pm, Moon sextile Ceres 6:42 pm.)

Saturday March 4. With the Moon in playful Leo playing nicely with other planetary bodies, Saturday looks to be a wonderful day to simply enjoy life. Plan for something fun and engaging, an activity to stimulate creativity and knowledge. Later in the day there may be a few hours of tension if we are stuck in a situation from which we would like to escape, but this will not last long. (Moon trine Jupiter 11:56 am, trine Chiron 2:38 pm, trine Venus 5:27 pm, square Uranus 5:53 pm.)

Sunday March 5. More lunar aspects today and plenty of positive energy until later in the evening EST when there could be a bit of bad news or maybe just some negative thinking. The Moon enters Virgo later in the evening and helps to prepare us for Tuesday’s Virgo Full Moon.

There’s no reason we can’t start early and use this burst of Virgo focus on details to make a plan for little changes we’d like to make. A harmonious Sun/Uranus aspect which culminates Monday can facilitate this process and help us to move more easily into a bigger transition over the next few years should that become necessary. (Moon sextile Mars 4:26 am, opposite Saturn 10:18 pm, Moon enters Virgo 10:38 pm.)

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