Mercury is approaching the second phase of a trine to Uranus: a lively time for ideas (with Mercury) and emotional connections (the Scorpio influence). Uranus is the awakener – it dusts off the cobwebs and prepares us for something new. Under the Uranian influence we are better prepared to embrace new challenges and an expanded understanding of the way our universe works. The bizarre is normal under the influence of Uranus which is known for eccentricity, the perfect environment to bring out the new Borat movie, highlighting what is quite possibly the most eccentric hero ever.

Venus made a square to Saturn yesterday (the 13th), forcing us to confront our responsibility to our loved ones. Relations with others are still a little testy as Venus, still within orb of the square to Saturn, makes a conjunction to Jupiter, causing us to be a little more self-indulgent than usual. Under stressful Venus/Jupiter contacts we tend to expect more from others than we are ourselves willing to give and the Scorpio influence of Venus at that time is not quick to forgive.

Fortunately, on the 17th Venus enters Sagittarius and all difficulties are forgotten. In Sagittarius, Venus seeks freedom and mutual respect and does not get bogged down into the scorekeeping that in Scorpio can cause problems. The timing is particularly fortunate for those of us headed off to spend Thanksgiving week with family! However, we will need to be a little careful because Mars will square Neptune on Friday, creating vague disturbances as the Mars aggression becomes consumed by Neptune’s watery mists. If any conflict arises at the end of the week it may be best to wait a few days to attempt a resolution until the issues become more clear.

The New Moon over Thanksgiving week will help us to make a new start, whether we’re with family or on our own. The New Moon will be the final step of the Scorpio process, ushering out the debris of transformation in preparation for the Sagittarian expansion that follows.

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