There is lots to unpack this week!  Grab something to drink and let’s get started.

First, the challenging square aspect between Jupiter’s expansion and Chiron’s pressure to squeeze out the pain from old wounds for release is on the wane.  If this has affected you personally, either emotionally or physically, you may find you feel better this week.  Chiron, having been retrograde since July, is stationary in the sky as it prepares to turn direct this week so its energies promoting healing of old wounds is intensified now.

Then Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, leaves intense Scorpio for buoyant Sagittarius on December 9th and will travel through Sag until December 28th.   Mercury is more optimistic in Sagittarius, and that optimism can filter down to we humans even if your natal Mercury is in a darker sign, like my own Mercury in Scorpio.  Mercury harmonizes in a trine to Chiron on the 10th, helping us to understand the challenges that we face and devise ways in which to move past them.  But between the 11th and the 13th, Venus is sandwiched between stern Saturn which could create some bumps in our relationships if expectations aren’t met, and Pluto which could bring out any hidden agendas or power conflict to disrupt our relationships.

Mercury and Venus events last only a day or two so these are fleeting influences, but they are locked into the chart for the Full Moon on December 12th.   The Full Moon is at 12:12 am Eastern time, which is interesting from a numerological perspective.  Twelve is considered to be a holy number: there are twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve apostles, twelve knights of the Round Table, twelve successors of Muhammed.  Of course the Full Moon is only full at 12:12 in the Eastern time zone, so I’m not ascribing too much significance to the numerology but it’s still an interesting thing to note.

The Full Moon is in Gemini, opposite the Sagittarius Sun.  This polarity speaks to the small mind of the mundane (Gemini) balanced against the larger scope of the mind in Sagittarius.  Neither is superior – like all polarities, each has what the other lacks.  Both are concerned with learning and ideas, but in Gemini we are curious about many topics whereas in Sagittarius we seek one truth.  Too much Sagittarius and we become dogmatic – too much Gemini and we become unable to focus.  The opposition of the Sun and Moon is locked into an awkward aspect (inconjunct and quincunx) to the Saturn/Venus/Pluto combination which suggests that the heightened emotionality of the Full Moon could make it difficult to find resolution to any issues that come up in our relationships.  Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs – they tend to give way rather than confront directly, but the Venus position demands an outcome that may not be easy to find.

Fortunately, during this time optimistic Jupiter harmonizes with the radical energies of Uranus, helping us to embrace changes and new pathways to solve old problems.  This week has a lot of planetary juju that we can use to help move through emotional and mental blocks, if we approach it with a clear intention.  These blocks may have something to do with our relationships with others (revealed under Venus/Saturn/Pluto) or they may simply have to do with confusion over a path that we would like to take.  In any case, spending a few minutes this week assessing your situation and evaluating where a new intention might be required will help you to get the most out of this week’s planetary energies. ❤️

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