Astrological update for the week of April 24 – May 1, 2023

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The big news this week is the fact that Pluto turns retrograde on May 1st. (Geeky astrological detail: Pluto will retrograde at zero degrees Aquarius where it has been for the past month, and it will remain at the same degree point until June 11th when it retrogrades back into Capricorn.)  As you may know, when a planet appears to change direction it seems to be at a standstill in the sky from our perspective, and its influence can seem more intense. This is especially true if the planet is affecting your own astrological chart.

Pluto is the planet of intensity and creative destruction, and tends to be felt as a sledgehammer of transformation. Sometimes the evolution comes from within, but sometimes we meet that force from the outside in the form of employers, friends, coworkers or loved ones who challenge our very sense of who we are. The potency of Pluto right now is particularly acute as it has just dipped a toe into Aquarius to preside over a maelstrom of change, and now it goes back into Capricorn. Any areas where the structures or infrastructure on which we build our lives are weak could be under threat one final time.  This is a time to shore up defenses, and be practical as well build a strong foundation from which to spring into action.

It will be early July before Pluto, traveling retrograde, begins to pick up speed and Pluto won’t re-enter Aquarius until next January, so this is a fairly long-term influence that requires us to learn to surrender when the force of the power of change and transformation becomes too great to resist. Pluto cycles demand a great deal of trust in the great Wisdom of Universal intelligence, and the tightrope balance between surrender and empowerment.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday April 24. As the week begins, the Gemini Moon continues to keep the conversation flowing, at least until around 3 pm when the Moon moves into Cancer and activates our emotions and feelings. The astrological energies are pretty quiet, and a harmonious solar aspect builds on Monday to culminate early on Tuesday which will aid in the achievement of inner strength and clarity. (Moon square Ceres 4:02 am, sextile Jupiter 4:48 am, square Neptune 8:14 am.)

Tuesday April 25. On Tuesday we will likely experience a great deal of inner harmony, with a couple of benign planetary influences which help us to focus on our goals and which facilitate the smoothing of any rough edges between ourselves and the people around us. Lunar influences are harmonious until late in the evening when we may begin to feel somewhat irritated, and this may spill over into the early hours of Wednesday morning (EDT). (Moon sextile Sun 12:10 am, trine Saturn 12:39 am, Sun sextile Saturn 6:47 am, Moon sextile Mercury 7:46 pm, Venus sextile Chiron 7:50 pm, Moon conjunct Mars 11:08 pm.)

Wednesday April 26. The Moon, still in Cancer, makes a number of aspects today which could open up some floodgates into feelings that may have been hidden to us. These aspects are mostly harmonious, but a challenging Mars aspect to Chiron is building all day which could start to bring up areas of conflict that really need to be resolved, especially when it culminates on Thursday. Cancer’s message is to feel deeply, and that will help us to move through conflict towards wisdom. (Moon square Chiron 12:32 am, sextile Uranus 2:45 am, sextile Ceres 2:46 pm, square Jupiter 5:09 pm, trine Neptune 7:40 pm.)

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Thursday April 27. The Moon leaves Cancer for buoyant Leo shortly after midnight and almost immediately bumps into stationary Pluto, followed by the potential distress of Mars/Chiron and a brief but unsettling conflict between emotions and conscious Self later in the day. Expect that storms are possible, and prepare by finding your calm and centered space to which you can retreat if the clouds begin to gather. Today’s influences are short-lived but could trigger something greater if a change is building and needs an impetus to begin. (Moon enters Leo 2:29 am, Moon opposes Pluto 3:13 am, Mars square Chiron 9:34 am, Moon square Sun 5:19 pm.)

Note: It’s always impossible to predict what events will occur under certain planetary alignments as this depends on your personal situation, your personal astrological chart and how it is affected, and the greater macrocosm of what is happening in the world around you. If you live on a desert island you will be affected differently than someone living in the heart of the war in Sudan, for example.

Friday April 28. On Friday the clouds will part and the lunar aspects are fairly mild. The Moon is still in Leo, inspiring us to seek out activities and contacts which will bring greater joy, but this may require an adaptation in order for something new and wonderful to take place. Stay open today and you never know what may happen! (Moon square Mercury 5:44 am, trine Chiron 1:10 pm, square Uranus 3:25 pm, sextile Venus 7:41 pm.)

Saturday April 29. The exhilaration continues into the weekend with a stimulating Mars aspect today which inspires inspiration and excitement over new possibilities. The Moon will shift into Virgo around 3 pm EDT which is typically not the most exciting placement, but the Mars influence dominates the day and the Virgo Moon can help us to plan and get the most out of all of the new ideas and insights flooding the airwaves. (Moon trine Jupiter 6:52 am, Moon enters Virgo 2:59 pm, Mars sextile Uranus 4:04 pm.)

Sunday April 30. A brief few hours of seriousness just after midnight EDT will pass into a sunny day (literally, with the Moon trine the Sun) and the potential for interesting conversations and activities. (Moon opposite Saturn 1:41 am, trine Sun 10:59 am, trine Mercury 3:05 pm.)

Monday May 1. Pluto turns retrograde on Monday and there will be a new forecast, but Monday is also chock full of planetary juice so I wanted to mention it this week. The Moon is quite busy on Monday and Virgo likes a plan and a way to organize things so watch for that, and the Sun conjoins Mercury on Monday marking the midpoint of the retrograde cycle. (Mercury rules the Virgo Moon as well, so there is a lot of Mercury influence and the cycle of information will be very active). Stay tuned for next week’s forecast for more.

What a great way to end the week! I hope you have a good one. ❤️

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