Video forecast hereThis week offers some respite from the planetary intensity we’ve been seeing lately.  Between May 11th and the 15th, we see only mild and pleasant planetary alignments that offer support and help us to regain our balance if we’re feeling out of sorts.

We do see two planets changing signs on the 15th:  Venus will move from fiery Aries to stable Taurus. Venus is quite happy there as the peaceful nature of Taurus supports the Venusian urge to form relationships and experience more beauty and equanimity in life.  This period while Venus is in Taurus, between May 15th and June 8th, is excellent for anything Venusian:  wealth, beauty activities, relationships of all kinds, love and harmony.   This is not a particularly emotional time, or a time in which processing of emotional stuff will be very easy or even desired.

Mars also changes signs on the 15th, moving from Gemini to Cancer.  Mars is NOT particularly happy in Cancer where it tends to be touchy and reactive rather than proactive and self-initiating.  While Mars is in Cancer (between May 15th and July 1st), our drive, desires, and ability to manifest our personal will, all of which Mars motivates, will be colored by our emotional sensitivities.  Mars is said to be in its fall in Cancer because Cancer is emotionally reactive; it is more difficult to be clear about our motivations and the true desires.  Cancer is the sign of nurturing and caring for others, and there is the potential for codependent behavior because of the focus on the needs of other people in an effort to care for oneself.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th could bring out some of these issues since Scorpio is ruled by Mars under the traditional rulership scheme.  But Scorpio, like Cancer, is a water sign and tends to react emotionally rather than pure sheer drive and will which is the typical driver of Mars.  Consequently, the period between the 15th, when Mars first moves into Cancer and must adjust to a more emotional atmosphere, and the 20th after the Full Moon could be fraught with small but important emotional reactions.  Fortunately, Mercury (the mind) makes some sweet interplanetary contacts at this time which will help us to gain some objectivity and reason to help us manage the heightened emotionality and passion of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Mars in Cancer will begin to align in a challenging square to Chiron (wounding and healing) which we will start to pick up around the 20th.  This planetary combination can bring up emotional distress and even more emotional reactivity so be aware of any old wounds being triggered by new challenges.  There is an opportunity here for those old wounds to be viewed in a different light and released.

Stay tuned to these pages for more details about this and the Full Moon, and ways in which you can use this time for your own personal growth.

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