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This week we have the conjunction of the Sun to Mercury, one of the linchpins of the Mercury retrograde cycle (the exact conjunction was August 1st but it lingers into the beginning of the week).  The Sun conjoins Mercury, planet of the mind, once as Mercury travels direct, and then again at the midpoint of the retrograde cycle.  I think of the Sun as the Illuminator, shining a light into the darkness, and the Sun/Mercury combinations bring the potential for realizations and a new kind of intelligence.

That is particularly important this week because the Sun and Mercury also activate the challenging square from Saturn (control and rules) to Uranus (radical change) which is the main story of 2021.  That effect lingers throughout the week, and then the Leo New Moon on August 8th acts as an additional trigger.

What this means is that any structures we have built for ourselves which are eroding and will not fit into the energy patterns of the new world will begin to fall away as new patterns and structures are created.  If we are personalities which embrace change this may come easily and bring exciting new influences.  If we tend to hold onto the past, though, this is likely a difficult time. On a global level the pressure for change is enormous, and this is a good time to remember the Serenity Prayer and think about what we can and cannot change.

Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your time zone.

Monday August 2nd

Yesterday we had an opposition from Mercury to Saturn which may have created some negative thinking.  Saturn isn’t inherently negative, but it does urge us to face up to reality and that isn’t always a positive experience!  Today the Sun opposes Saturn and brings more of the same but from a different perspective.  Saturn does reward hard work and diligence, though, so this is an excellent time to apply ourselves to tasks and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Moon has moved into Gemini where we can be easily distracted and somewhat scattered which will make any kind of focus more of a challenge, especially in the morning EDT/early afternoon UTC when the Moon squares Mars in Virgo and asks “is this REALLY what I want to be doing?”  So plan a break at that time and then get back to work!

A harmonious trine from Mercury to Chiron (wounding and healing) begins to build on Monday afternoon and it filters into Tuesday, helping to release emotional discomfort and let go of old hurts and rejection.  We also have a harmonious trine from Venus to Uranus building and even though it doesn’t culminate until Tuesday, the awakening and excitement of this aspect can generate some pleasure and enjoyment in trying something new.

Tuesday August 3rd

art by Adam Scott Miller

The Venus/Uranus aspect is in full force today, making this a wonderful day for anything social including finding ways to energize a relationship which may have gone somewhat stale. The Gemini Moon is full of things to say and that helps to facilitate communication, especially since the Moon harmonizes with other planets all day to bring in some positivity.

That said, challenging square from Mercury in Leo to Uranus that peaks around 10 pm EDT (early morning UTC) is building all day which could potentially bring with it some mental tension and disruption.  It will likely be difficult to focus on anything requiring mental clarity but there is also a lot of intuitive insights flooding the brain today.  Carry a notebook with you and write down any bits of wisdom that may download.

Wednesday August 4th

The Mercury/Uranus square continues today and will not begin to fade for another day or two.  Meanwhile the Gemini Moon squares Neptune very early (3 am) Wednesday morning EDT/morning (7 am) UTC, bringing its dreamy wisdom to your dreams.  If you happen to be awake at that time there will be some creative juices flowing and perhaps some intuition but it’s not a great time to make decisions.  This only lasts for a couple of hours and then the coast is clear for a pretty good day.

A trine from the Sun to Chiron builds throughout the day and culminates just before 7 pm EDT/11 pm UTC, opening up the heart to release negativity or trauma (obviously this small planetary event will not heal a major trauma, but this can be a good day for any kind of healing) . The Moon enters Cancer around 5 pm EDT/9 pm UTC and the realm of feelings and family will become more important for the next couple of days.

Thursday August 5th

Thursday is relatively quiet astrologically – we do have a square from the Sun to Uranus building throughout the day and even though it doesn’t culminate until Friday we will begin to experience the effects. This is all part of the Sun/Mercury pairing activating both Saturn and Uranus, and this influence continues throughout the week.  The Sun/Uranus square continues the tendency towards disruption and perhaps a bit of recklessness as we shake off the shackles of anything that isn’t working for us.

Otherwise, the Cancer Moon harmonizes with Mars around 1 am EDT (5 am UTC) for some easy motivation and inspiration (if you are awake!!), but then challenges Chiron in a square around 6:20 pm EDT/10:20 pm UTC.  This lasts only for a few hours, but when the sensitive Cancer Moon interacts in a stressful way with Chiron there can be some hurt feelings, or an old feeling of rejection or emotional pain being triggered. Breathing deeply into the energy of these old feelings can help them to release.

Friday August 6th

Friday the Sun/Uranus square culminates, making this an excellent day to plan to do something completely unusual and different from our usual life patterns.  When we try something new, it rewires our neural pathways which can make other important changes possible.  The Moon is still in Cancer that day, but it harmonizes with both Venus and Neptune in the early part of the day EDT/mid-day UTC to enhance a sense of safety and ease in the midst of Uranian electricity.

There is a stressful opposition from the Moon to Pluto around 6 pm EDT/10 pm UTC that could cause some problems: perhaps a power conflict with a loved one that brings up an unpleasant truth.  Under this influence everyone can be a little more combative and reactive, especially with the Cancer Moon, so tread carefully.

Saturday August 7th

The Moon enters Leo very early in the morning EDT/7:30 am UTC which open up the portal to the Leo New Moon on the 8th.  When the Moon is in Leo we tend to be more generous and seek a positive outcome to all situations.  Finding joy in doing good things for others is a useful way to balance the dark and light sides of Leo.

In this time leading up to the New Moon there are no major planetary aspects so the lunar influences have a greater impact.  The Moon harmonizes with the lunar nodes on Saturday – the gateway from the past to the future – which offers a chance to make a choice to release something from the past in order to free up the road forward.

Sunday August 8th

New Moon in Leo!  I’ll be posting an article about this New Moon in more detail midweek.  Meanwhile, Leo is ruled by the Sun, and this will provide a burst of solar positivity that can penetrate any cloud of doubt or depression.  Mercury is still in range of the Sun and participates in this New Moon to add a layer of excitement and stimulation.  The mind and communication are highlighted at this New Moon – it’s not enough to discover the joy of Leo but we must also learn to express and share it with others.

There are a number of planetary aspects at this time that are embedded in the chart of the New Moon, not the least of which is an opposition from Venus to Neptune that actually culminates on Monday but will be building throughout the day on Sunday.  Venus is in Virgo now where it brings a practical approach to all matters of love, beauty and pleasure. The opposition to Neptune in Pisces opens up the floodgates of creativity, but can also over-romanticize our view with rose-colored glasses.  Venus in Virgo can help us to enjoy the romance and idealism while remaining practical with both feet firmly planted on the ground!

That takes us to Monday, and there will be a new forecast posted then.  I hope you have a great week! ❤️

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