by Lynn Hayes.   There are no major planetary alignments this week, and the big square aspect between Saturn and Uranus that has dominated much of the year so far is mostly dormant now.  Saturn and Uranus will be between 7-8 degrees from exactitude between now and October before moving together for their next confrontation towards the end of December.  That is not to say that the stress between control (Saturn) and liberation (Uranus) is over, but the intensity has been ratcheted down a notch so real change can take place.

Dates and times are given in EDT and UTC, please adjust for your time zone.

Monday, August 9th.   The energies of Sunday’s Leo New Moon are still vibrant but fading somewhat, especially after the Moon enters Virgo at 10:55 am EDT/2:55 pm UTC.  The Moon influences us from within, whereas the Sun influences us from the outer world.  When the Moon is in Virgo, the sign of analysis and details, those details become more important to us and how we feel and react takes a back seat.  This can make it easier to get things done, improve productivity and generally be more capable and efficient.

That will be somewhat more difficult on Monday with an opposition from Venus (beauty) to Neptune (transcendence) which peaks at 8:19 pm EDT/12:19 am Tuesday UTC.  Under this aspect there is a longing for more magic, and too much efficiency and analysis can harsh the mellow. This will be especially true just before midnight EDT/just before 4 am UTC when the Virgo Moon aligns with Mars creating some rough edges and conflict.  Because of the hour, it could be difficult to sleep especially if you are working some things out in your mind.

Tuesday August 10th. The Moon continues its journey through Virgo but has settled down into a comfortable routine, energized by a harmonious trine to Uranus to bring in excitement and an embrace of something new.

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Mercury (mind) is in nearing the end of its passage through Leo now, and opposes bountiful Jupiter at 9:19 pm EDT/1:19 am Wednesday UTC.  This aspect is in effect all day and the impact of Jupiter’s potential for overconfidence on Mercury in Leo’s tendency to be enthusiastic about ideas can be detrimental to practical thinking.  Dream big today, but put off decisions if possible until tomorrow when this aspect wanes.

Wednesday August 11th.  The day begins with a harmonious trine of practicality between the Virgo Moon and Pluto in Capricorn at 7:21 am EDT/11:21 am UTC, and the energies build all day for another harmonious trine from Venus in Virgo to Pluto which peaks at 6:45 pm EDT/10:45 pm UTC.  This Venus/Pluto aspects helps to strengthen the embrace of all kinds of relationships since Venus rules attachment and attraction, and Pluto empowers and transforms.

The Moon enters Libra at 4:07 pm EDT/10:07 pm UTC, shifting our focus away from mundane details to the realm of beauty, art, creativity and love. This is a nice addition to the Venus/Pluto trine and virtually assures a pleasant evening with loved ones, or enjoying your own company.  Mercury leaves Leo for its own sign of Virgo at around 6 pm EDT/10 pm UTC and the mental function will become more important and better organized.

Thursday August 12th.  This is mostly a very quiet day astrologically: The Libra Moon makes a few aspects, harmonizing in a trine to Saturn around 8:30 am EDT/12:30 pm UTC to help rebalance and stabilize, and the opposing Chiron around 2 pm EDT/6 pm UTC.  This latter aspect can feel a little rough and bring out any hurt feelings that lurk in the psyche so that they can be processed and released.  These lunar aspects last for just a few hours but will be more noticeable in the quieter planetary weather.

Friday August 13th.  More lunar aspects today (sextile Sun, square Pluto and trine Jupiter), and the Libra Moon is more sensitive to emotions which can knock us off our balance point.  Once the Moon moves into Scorpio around 8 pm EDT/midnight UTC emotions intensify but we feel less vulnerable under the fire of the Scorpio lens of passion and power.

Saturday August 14th.  The Scorpio Moon is quite busy (sextile Mercury, square Saturn, sextile Mars and opposing Uranus), and we are likely to feel quite intense especially since the Moon sets off the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus most of the day.  There is a pull towards change which reacts against that which is familiar and already in place, and a choice may be needed.

The Scorpio Moon is intense, but it is a big help in providing the emotional strength to easily manage any conflicts that arise.

Sunday August 15th.  More activity from the Scorpio Moon today, interacting with five different planets, making this a very fertile day for introspection or self-analysis. (Moon trines Neptune, squares Sun, sextiles Pluto, squares Jupiter, sextiles Venus.)  The Moon enters Sagittarius just after 11 pm EDT/3 am Monday UTC which will shift our focus into more expansive thinking and lift us out of the intense emotionality of the last few days of Scorpio Moon.

Next week will be fairly quiet astrologically as well.  These quiet periods without a lot of action from the slower moving planets are good times to rebalance and reassess priorities. I hope you have a good week! ❤️

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