Astrological update for the week of July 10-17, 2023

The lunar nodal axis shift. The changing of the Nodes of the Moon from one sign to the previous sign is an interesting pattern which suggests a revisiting of the past in order to move more fully into the future.The Nodes of the Moon are actually points in the sky rather than physical bodies; they mark the intersection of the orbit of the Moon with the orbit of the Sun and the crossing point between the consciousness of incarnation (Sun) and the subconscious instincts which guide us towards our inevitable fate (Moon).

The South Node is exactly opposite the North Node as they move backwards through the signs, moving from one polarity of opposites to the previous one.  (This excellent article explains why.) Unlike the traditional order in which we progress from the initiation of Aries to the solidification of Taurus, and then on to the diversification of Gemini to the connectivity of Cancer (and so on), the Nodes take us on a journey to retrace our steps into the past where we must clean up past karma before moving forwards.

The nodes of the Moon change signs about every 18 months as they travel backwards through the zodiac, and the mean nodes have shifted from the Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis. With the North Node in Aries, the focus moves from the security needs of Taurus to the courage and assertiveness of Aries. The warrior and adventurer must now take precedence, but this will require balancing our relationship needs with the South Node in Libra. The South Node can indicate an area of life which holds us back, and while Libra is tactful and diplomatic, sometimes too much sweetness can lead to a vanished Self. That is what the Aries North Node seeks to correct. (I am using the mean node position here rather than the true node which oscillates and will go back and forth over a point for days. In client charts I prefer the true node because it’s, well, true.)

All of humanity experiences these nodal shifts at once, but not everyone experiences them in the same way. Your experience may vary from that of others, but the general pattern over the next year and a half will be a rebalancing of personal needs (Aries) with relational ones (Libra).

Pluto gets involved. The lunar nodes are squared this week by Pluto, the planet which more than any other guides us towards our fate. Many things in life are under our control and directed through our choices, but when Pluto is involved and triggering the lunar nodes, planetary forces conspire to guide which us towards a more conscious future. Under Pluto’s influence we sometimes find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control but which nearly always lead to greater realization.

The Cancer New Moon. These threads of destiny are woven into the chart for the New Moon on Monday, July 17. Because of these larger forces, and the fact that the Cancer Sun and Moon are peripherally involved in the karmic drama of Pluto and the Nodes, the effect of the New Moon are likely to begin earlier in the week

As a water sign Cancer deals with the realm of emotions and instincts, but being a cardinal sign of action, Cancer take an active role in seeking to nurture and care for others. The New Moon begins a new lunar cycle; the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in which the pure and simple conscious solar principle obscures the darker and more complex lunar instincts. At the New Moon we seek the highest form of the lunar energy, and in Cancer that takes the shape of love and protection for our family and our tribe. In Cancer we seek to make a home; not just for our bodies but also for our souls. Here we feel at home in our inner life; our inner world becomes richer and more nurtured.

New Moons are of course times for new beginnings, and the New Moon in Cancer is a good time for watering the garden and propagating new plans. Our inner gardens are more fertile as well; we are better prepared to connect with those we love and to nurture our relationships. Because the Moon is a ruler of Cancer, it is very much at home there and helps to facilitate Cancer’s work in building and sustaining safe and secure emotional environments.

While the Pluto effect cannot be ignored, harmonious alliances between the New Moon and both Uranus and Neptune will help to inspire an evolution of consciousness. Uranus awakens us to new possibilities and adapts our neural pathways to better understand the evolutionary process. Neptune inspires a blossoming of the soul and reminds us of the flow of wonder which guides our lives.

This week offers potential for intensity, but also suggests the transformative power of magic in our lives. 💖

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