Astrological update for the week of July 11-18, 2022


As many of you know, a Full Moon becomes a SuperMoon (™ astrologer Richard Nolle) when the Moon is closest to Earth than at other times. Full Moons are known to affect ocean tides and sea creatures (including humans who are made up of 60% water), and water is the element of feeling and emotion. Under the influence of the Moon emotions are heightened and the realm of feelings dominates the landscape.

Capricorn Full Moon. When the Full Moon SuperMoon is in the earthy sign of Capricorn, there is a need to balance the moodiness of the Cancerian Sun, with all its watery splendor, against the Capricornian need to do the responsible things that will provide and enhance the structures of our lives. Under this Full Moon we need to strike that balance between the emotions and feelings that drive us and enrich our world and the hard reality of life in a material world of accomplishment and production.

This week the Full Moon occurs on Wednesday the 13th at 2:38 pm EDT and the Full Moon chart is full of potent energies. The Moon trines the North Node of the future and the Sun trines the South Node of the past, suggesting an easy release of something which has held us back in order to release us towards a better future. But before that release can occur, the square of Chiron to the lunation may force a soul or psychological wound to break and release its infection so that healing can occur. Fortunately, harmonious Uranus aspects assist in this process by facilitating an eagerness and excitement for the new Capricornian structures to fall into place.

Lots of Mercury aspects: pay attention to thoughts and insights. Mercury is the planet of the mind and the transmitter of information; it governs short distance travel as well as the way we digest our experiences in order to learn more about ourselves. Mercury is very active this week:

  • Mercury challenges (square) Chiron on July 13th at the Full Moon as described above.
    • Mercury also harmonizes with Uranus (sextile) that day which helps us to easily embrace new concepts and think creatively.
  • Mercury conjoins the Sun on July 16th and this aspect is also embedded into the Full Moon chart. The Sun/Mercury conjunction is full of positivity and optimism. This is the perfect time for the kind of vision work that helps us to imagine a better future, especially with the Capricorn Full Moon to help strategize and manifest.
  • Both Mercury and the Sun trine Neptune on the 17th to facilitate creative thinking and enhance imagination. The grounding influence of the Capricorn Full Moon is on the wane, and the Moon is in dreamy Pisces that day.  The 16th and 17th are creative times but not favored for intellectual work or anything that requires a great deal of focus.
  • Mercury interacts with both Pluto (opposition) and Ceres (conjunction) on the 18th, activating any tendencies we might have to ignore the need to maintain our inner balance to nurture body, mind and spirit (Ceres).  Which leads me to the next major point:

Pluto and Neptune activate Ceres.  Pluto and Neptune are slow moving planets and tend to hang around for quite some time. Both planets activate Ceres this week, Pluto in a challenging aspect (opposition) and Neptune in a harmonious one (trine). The older I get the more I understand that the small habits which undermine our inner balance tend to have greater and greater effects as we age. The cigarettes that are fun and cool when we’re in our 20s make it hard to breathe in our 60s. The lack of exercise that made life easier in our 30s means we can barely walk in our 70s.

Ceres teaches that everything in the human experience is connected. The information that we take in through the mind affects the body. The food that we eat affects the spirit. The soul crushing patterns of relationship affect both body and mind. Each aspect of Self affects the other, and Ceres is that guide which aids in understanding this important principle.

The Full Moon may illuminate this principle and reveal areas in which we are out of balance, but the influence of Pluto and Neptune will linger over the next few weeks making this an important time to consider these matters.

I hope you have an enriching week under this Full Moon and all of these other magical energies. ❤️

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