Astrological update for the week of August 29-September 5, 2022

by Lynn Hayes

Ceres opposite Saturn, Ceres squares Uranus. The asteroids don’t figure prominently in my work – I can’t explain why some planetary bodies such as Chiron speak to me loudly and clearly while others, like Vesta, don’t present themselves to me at all.  But when Ceres was elevated to planet status I started paying attention to her astrological story. The rise of Ceres corresponds with the growing evidence of climate change and food insecurity, but the influence of Ceres runs deeper than the physical. Ceres acts as the higher octave of the Moon. WIth Ceres the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted to a sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth. As we become more disconnected with the Earth and our sense of the natural rhythms and cycles of the seasons, we lose touch with a part of our own internal being. This can create a desperate sense of spiritual starvation within us as we stuff ourselves with bioengineered food that is loaded with chemicals that leaves us feeling undernourished and thirsty for a life that has meaning.

You can read more about that here, but this week Ceres plays an important role of “translating” the square from Saturn to Uranus that was the Story of 2021. The energies of Saturn = control and repression vs Uranus = radical change and rebellion were rampant in 2021, from the attempted overthrow of governments to the riots over mask policies. That cycle is technically over, but both planets are retrograde now and within a degree of the exact square (90 degree) alignment that applies pressure and forces situations to a crisis point in order (ideally) to create positive change. (The square will tighten to about 15-20 minutes of exactitude around October 11 before separating again.)

Ceres is in the sign of Leo, the sign where we yearn for individual satisfaction and real happiness. With Ceres in Leo, the focus tends to be much more of a personal nature and we are most comfortable and fulfilled when we are able to follow a path that will bring joy. This week, with Ceres bumping up against both Saturn (control and restriction) and Uranus (revolution and radical action), we will be at once barred from that gratification (Saturn) and pressured to find a new way to discover real satisfaction (Uranus). With Ceres in Leo there is a temptation to dive into ego gratification, but Saturn will remind us that gratification of the ego is superficial and will not deliver the true spiritual comfort which Ceres inspires. And at the same time, Uranus will motivate us to break out of any routines or patterns which aren’t working any more.

Mars and Mercury aspect Jupiter. While we are working to find the balance point under the Ceres aspects described above, Mars (action) and Mercury (thought) both harmonize with Jupiter (expansion and confidence). Under these aspects, which will be in effect for the most of the week, you can pretty much create whatever you imagine! This will help us to craft new patterns of self-integration which the Ceres aspects require.

Lunar aspects this week: (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality).

The Moon begins the week in Libra, urging us to seek the balance point in relationships and all of our interactions with the outer world. This will play an important role in the Ceres focus on supporting the integration of body, mind and spirit.

The transition of the Moon into Mars-ruled Scorpio August 31 at 1:11 pm will intensify feelings and emotions and we can use that intensity to help us take advantage of the Mars/Jupiter aspect described above.

The Moon enters Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius September 2nd at 6:39 pm, just before the Mercury/Jupiter aspect. This combination is superb for expansive and optimistic thinking, making this an excellent time for vision work or difficult negotiations.

To sum it all up, the astrology energies this week ask us to take a critical look at our inner balance and see where adjustments may be needed. Inertia is a powerful force, but it doesn’t help us to grow and evolve. Personal evolution requires constant tweaks and adjustments where elements of our life just don’t fit any more, and this week the planets align to help facilitate these tweaks. ❤️

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