Astrological update for June 12-19, 2023

mandala by Fiona Owen

This week we have a Gemini New Moon with Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Gemini, the sign of curiosity and experimentation. Mercury rules Gemini so that in itself is a double whammy of Geminian busyness and interesting conversations. Communication, writing and information processing of all sorts is highlighted now. This is an especially good week for writers as Saturn interactions help to provide the focus and discipline we need to tackle those projects we may have been putting off.

Saturn turns retrograde this week and will be virtually stationary for the next two weeks, shining a laser beam of accountability. Sometimes these Saturn lasers can feel oppressive and harsh, but confident Jupiter is an ally to Saturn right now which will help us to get the benefits from Saturn (organizational abilities, for example) without the stress.

The Gemini New Moon on the 18th does offer a chance to begin something new, but the lunation is squared by Neptune which could create some confusion over what that new start should be. Gemini generally can have problems making decisions since everything is equally interesting and appealing, and the Neptunian influence may blur our motivation even more. This could cause difficulties getting started, especially with Saturn stuck in a retrograde station. My advice is to use the Geminian curiosity to create a series of ideas to pursue and if you can’t decide, or confusion abounds, just keep thinking about it until the way becomes clearer. This could come as soon as the day after the New Moon when the Moon enters Cancer, one of the cardinal signs of action.

Ceres trines Pluto this week, helping us to create profound transformation (Pluto) in our ability to nurture and protect ourselves (Ceres). Ceres is finishing her passage through Virgo before entering Libra next week, giving us another opportunity to generate new routines and rituals for better connection between our mind, body and spirit. Ceres offers a chance to become more whole, and Pluto is a great and wise ally for this.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday June 12. The Aries Moon harmonizes with Mars today for a double whammy of Martian motivation and inspiration. There may be a few hours of emotional sensitivity in the early evening but it will soon give way to a harmonious sense of peace and wonder late in the evening. (Moon trine Mars 8:35 am, conjunct Chiron 7:15 pm, sextile Sun 11:59 pm.)

Tuesday June 13. The Aries Moon will face off against Pluto in the afternoon, both at the last degree of their respective signs. This could create some mild disruptions or difficult power dynamics which will last only a few hours. Once the Moon enters Taurus in the afternoon things will settle down and a sense of peace will begin to pervade the airwaves. (Moon square Pluto 2:26 pm, Moon enters Taurus 2:31 pm.)

Wednesday June 14. The Taurus Moon inspires us towards calm and serene actions, making this a good day to rebalance and find our center. Harmonious lunar dynamics in the very early morning set the stage, but a difficult aspect from the Moon to Mars in the late afternoon could create tensions which will require resolution.

Meanwhile a tense aspect of Mercury is building which will culminate on Thursday that may create feelings of frustration and a sense of being limited. Patience is your friend now, and taking the time to consider all options will go a long way towards success. (Moon conjunct Jupiter 1:40 am, sextile Saturn 3:35 am, square Venus 5:07 am, square Mars 5:15 pm.)

art by Edwin Blashfield

Thursday June 15. The Mercury aspect described above culminates around noon on Thursday, and meanwhile we have a busy Taurus Moon which is a bit of a contradiction. We may long to relax, but there are many things demanding our attention now. Once the Moon enters Gemini in the evening it will become easier to take the actions necessary. (Moon conjunct Uranus 4:45 am, Mercury square Saturn 12:09 pm, Moon sextile Neptune 5:19 pm, trine Ceres 7:20 pm, trine Pluto 9:36 pm, Moon enters Gemini 9:45 pm.)

Friday June 16 and Saturday June 17. Lunar aspects on Friday and Saturday set the stage for the Gemini New Moon.  We may feel a bit frustrated in the morning as things may not go our way immediately, but by afternoon the clouds will lift and the coast will be clear. A harmonious Mercury aspect to Venus opens the door to easy communication and mental inspiration which will be fused into the chart for Sunday’s Gemini New Moon.

That said, we do have Saturn about to turn retrograde and stationary in the sky, so if we run into Saturnian obstacles we may need to see what those obstacles are trying to teach us. (Friday: Moon square Saturn 11:19 am, conjunct Mercury 3:12 pm, sextile Venus 4:57 pm. Saturday: Moon sextile Mars 4:13 am, sextile Chiron 10:33 am, Mercury sextile Venus 11:29 am, Saturn turns retrograde 1:27 pm.)

Sunday June 18. Sunday is a very busy day astrologically! The New Moon occurs just after midnight (see the introduction for details), and very soon afterwards will make the shift into Cancer. We haven’t had much of the watery element in the skies, so the Cancer Moon will help to cool our impulses and bring us more deeply into our own feelings and experience. We do reach out to others under the Cancerian influence, but it is often out of a longing to feel connection.

That will be a key to our experiences on Sunday as the Geminian influence of mental activity gives way to a deeper intuitive understanding, especially with the Sun/Neptune interaction that day. (New Moon 26 Gemini 12:37 am, Moon square Neptune 2:23 am, square Ceres 5:31 am, Moon enters Cancer 6:57 am, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:45 pm, trine Saturn 8:59 am, Sun square Neptune 11:53 pm.)

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