Astrological update for the week of January 23-30, 2023

The Uranus factor. The influence of Uranus continues its dominance, having just turned direct and remaining stationary until mid-March. Stationary planets exert a powerful impact as their energies are laser focused for a longer period of time. We just had the Uranus-ruled Aquarius New Moon which was a SuperMoon, at its closest point to Earth (perigee).  The co-ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, is itself in Aquarius where it shares the stage with the modern ruler Uranus.

Uranus is the innovator and paradigm buster; under its influence we are inspired or forced to break out of a situation or way of thinking which no longer works. As we continue the march into the changes of the decade, the world we knew will continue to fall away. This offers an opportunity for creative innovation in the rebuilding of the world, and of our own personal lives as well.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store for us this week. (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday January 23. As the week begins we are still unwinding from the Aquarius New Moon, with the Moon still in Aquarius for the first part of the day. All of that sparkly electrical charge begins to settle down just after midnight on Monday, and then when the Moon enters Pisces at 12:35 pm EST it becomes easier to find a harmonic flow through which to direct our thoughts and actions. (Moon conjunct Saturn 4:24 am, Moon conjunct Venus 5:19 am, Moon enters Pisces 12:35 pm.)

Tuesday January 24. Today is a lucky and bountiful day with the Sun and Jupiter smiling down from the heavens. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and harmonious aspects from the Pisces Moon help to amplify a feeling of faith and confidence. The doors of creativity are unlocked, and imagination is allowed to run freely all day. (Moon square Mars 2:56 am, sextile Mercury 4:58 am, sextile Uranus 12:42 pm, Sun sextile Jupiter 8:30 pm.)

Wednesday January 25. Tuesday’s flood of  inspiration continues into Wednesday morning (EST), and is activated even more when the Moon enters Aries at 1:47 pm for a burst of bold and fiery oomph! Benevolent lunar aspect continue the flow of good vibes throughout the day. (Moon conjunct Neptune 2:42 am, sextile Pluto 11:11 am, Moon enters Aries 1:47 pm, conjunct Jupiter 10:18 pm, sextile Sun 11:58 pm.)

Thursday January 26. With the Moon in active Aries, and a solar aspect to Ceres, the planet that inspires us to nourish the Self, Thursday is an excellent day to take action that will help us to find a healthier sense of integration and balance. Perhaps this means eating a beautiful meal that is served with love. Maybe a facial or beauty treatment (Ceres is in Libra after all!).

Lunar aspects on Thursday are somewhat erratic, both harmonious and potentially stressful, which could throw us temporarily off course, and challenging Mercury aspect is building all day to culminate on Friday which could bring our thoughts towards old wounds and hurt feelings. We can attend to these challenges while still working towards better care of the Self, and find that balance and peaceful equilibrium.

Venus makes the shift from impersonal Aquarius to dreamy Pisces in the evening EST which will enhance any romantic or creative impulses. (Moon opposite Ceres 1:16 am,

sextile Mars 5:39 am, square Mercury 10:07 am, conjunct Chiron 11:16 am, Sun trine Ceres 6:49 pm, Venus enters Pisces 9:32 pm.)

Friday January 27. If any hurt feelings arise on Thursday they may linger a bit into Friday, but a lunar aspect in the morning will support finding the kind of inner strength which will take you easily through any situation. In the afternoon EST we may find ourselves feeling somewhat intense and perhaps entering into power struggles or arguments if we sense we are being minimized in some way.

The Moon moves into Taurus at 6:42 pm EST which will cool down the fire we had under the Aries influence and make for a peaceful and grounded experience over the next few days. (Mercury square Chiron 5:42 am, Moon sextile Saturn 10:12 am, square Pluto 4:01 pm, Moon enters Taurus 6:42 pm, sextile Venus 8:56 pm.)

Saturday January 28. Under the Taurus Moon and very mild lunar influences, Saturday will be relatively peaceful. Two harmonious influences will be building all day to culminate on Sunday, so nothing to worry about.

Sunday January 29. The two harmonious aspects of the Sun and Mercury will help to energize and inspire. This is a great day to imagine and create as the mind is filled with new ideas and plans. The Taurus Moon is not the most energetic of influences, preferring the comfort of the known to the excitement of the new, but if you can find enough motivation within to follow through Sunday will be a very productive and exhilarating day!

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