Last week’s harmonious alignment between Saturn and Neptune is still in strong effect.  I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: Where Neptune can inspire us to dream and imagine, Saturn encourages us to put those dreams to work.  And where Saturn’s influence can become somewhat dull as we work steadfastly towards our goals, Neptune adds a coating of magical fairy dust to take our goals and wishes into a new dimension. The harmonious interplay between these two energies is a great boon for anyone living on planet earth in human form.

Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is also very active this week – transiting the Sun in its retrograde journey.  With both the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, sign of truth and power, a hidden truth is likely to be revealed and some steps retraced as we strive to repair any damage done.  Mercury harmonizes with both Neptune and Saturn to facilitate all communication with grace and efficacy, so any eruption of inconvenient truths will be eased by this harmonious interaction with Mercury.  In mythology, Mercury carried messages between the gods and was the only one of the gods granted the ability to traverse between the worlds.  He facilitates the communication which perfects the other planetary cycles and helps us to assimilate them with greater ease.

In the midst of this arrives the Taurus Full Moon, locked in a powerful embrace with the planet Pluto which adds a transformational dimension and a portal for change.  Taurus inspires us to ground and center into our very being – to fully inhabit our physical form and enjoy the pleasures of the senses.  Under the Taurus influence we rediscover our love of planets and small animals as well as the very ground on which we walk.  This Full Moon in Taurus is a perfect time to reconnect with nature, to wrap ourselves in the coziest of blankets and celebrate the power of nature.  Taurus seeks security, and we are in a time of change.  Retrograde Mercury asks us to look back and learn to evolve from our past mistakes.  Transformational Pluto calls us to let go of the past and move forward into a revolutionized future.  But underpinning all of these dynamics is the Taurus influence which calls for peace, serenity, and a deep and nurturing connection to the Earth.

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