Astrological update for the week of November 27 – December 5, 2022

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It’s a pretty quiet week in the astrological skies, and the lunar influences will be more noticeable (scroll down for the details of the week). This is the end of the Sagittarius influences – next week Mercury and Venus will both enter Capricorn and pave the way for the Sun to move into Capricorn at the December Solstice on December 21st. Every change from one sign to the next brings a release of the matters of one sign and the introduction of something new, and from Sagittarius to Capricorn we transition from an expansive view of possibilities and optimism (Sagittarius) to a more focus and finely honed set of goals and objectives, with strategies for meeting those goals (Capricorn).

That’s what’s coming next week, but this week is the last of the buoyancy that Sagittarius brings and along with it, the tendency to overpromise and under-deliver.  With Ceres opposite Neptune having just peaked last week, we may not have the energy we think we do under the optimistic Sagittarius influences, so it’s a good week to conserve our energy while having a great time in the pursuit of Sagittarian happiness. Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, has just turned retrograde and is still virtually stationary in the sky making sure that we are looking for opportunities and the positive side to things. And Neptune, turning direct this week after a retrograde stint of about six months, is at a standstill with the siren call to experiences of magic and dreamy adventures which could bring bliss or ruin. Ideally the bliss part! At any rate, if you have planets between 20 and 25 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini), you will be most personally affected by this Neptunian week (although to be honest, you probably will have been affected for the past couple of months since Neptune has traveled less than two degrees since August.

Now, let’s look at the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality.

Monday November 28. The  Moon begins the week in Aquarius causing us to chafe under too much structure. A harmonious Mars trine can help to energize and motivate our plans. Harmonious lunar aspects to facilitate new ideas and a sense of integration with the world. This would be a good time to plan something you’ve been putting off since there’s a new inspiration lurking around every corner. (Moon sextile Sun 8:05 am, Mars trine Saturn 5:55 pm, Moon sextile Chiron 6:17 pm.)

Tuesday November 29. The Aquarius Moon is quite busy in the early morning, awakening new neural pathways and interacting with five planets to stimulate an embrace of new ideas and patterns. A Mercury/Mars aspect could reveal difficulties in communication, especially with Mars retrograde in Mercury-ruled Gemini.  Or you may feel as though your mind is on fire with so many new ideas.

All of this stimulation may feel uncomfortable to earthy people who prefer stability, or to watery people who find change to be somewhat threatening, but learning to appreciate exhilaration is a worthy goal. Later in the day Mercury will stabilize and help corral the mind and thoughts. (Moon sextile Venus 12:39 am, square Uranus 12:48 am, sextile Mercury 4:25 am, trine Mars 6:30 am, conjunct Saturn 6:53 am, Mercury opposite Mars 8:30 pm.)

Wednesday November 30. The Moon enters Pisces just after midnight and the lunar energy of thesettles into our dreams and imagination. The next couple of days may not be the best time for focused work or decision making, but creative ventures will be highlighted here.

Our interactions could be more stressful than usual today due to a Venus/Mars aspect which culminates on Friday and sets our needs against those of others in our life. Finding a balance here will be helpful in avoiding problems later. A Mercury/Saturn aspect will help to ground and organize thoughts and plans.  (Moon enters Pisces 12:15 am, Mercury sextile Saturn 4:17 am, Moon square Sun 2:46 pm.)

Thursday December 1. Thursday is another busy day of planetary energies. The Venus/Mars aspect culminates around 5:30 am and will wane during the day, easing the pressure on our relationships. Meanwhile the Pisces Moon interacts with nearly every planet and we may find ourselves feeling buffeted by emotions and instincts which we don’t understand. Meanwhile, a building Mercury/Neptune aspect accentuates the lack of grounding but may offer creative solutions. As with any rough sea, finding our center and rocking in the boat will stave off seasickness.

(Moon sextile Uranus 3:57 am, Venus opposite Mars 5:27 am, Moon square Mars 8:42 am, Moon square Venus 9:07 am, Moon square Mercury 2:23 pm, Moon conjunct Neptune 3:35 pm, Moon opposite Ceres 7:27 pm, Moon sextile Mercury 10:58 pm.)

Friday December 2. The fog will begin to clear after midnight, and any tear in the fabric of our relationships has the potential to be mended today. Once the Moon leaves Pisces for Aries at 4:40 am the fire of Aries will help to burn through the remains of fog and confusion and strengthen our intention and ambition. (Mercury square Neptune 1:08 am, Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:44 am, Venus sextile Saturn 3:09 am, Moon enters Aries 4:40 am.)

Saturday December 3. There is nothing bad to say about the planetary energies on Saturday! Harmonious lunar aspects help to smooth any wrinkles that developed during the week, and the Aries Moon is supported by Mars, Saturn and Venus to inspire excitement and the thrill of taking action towards a bright future. Still, all of this excitement could exhaust our energy reserves, especially with Neptune stationing on Saturday,  so try to be sure to take some time to rest the mind and find that inner balance.

Venus and Neptune begin to combine in a challenging aspect which could heighten creativity, but also create confusion. This is especially true in our relationships, and with the Moon still in Aries things could get a bit rocky (this aspect culminates early on Sunday morning). (Moon trine Sun 12:09 am, conjunct Chiron 2:35 am, sextile Mars 1:11 pm, sextile Saturn 5:05 pm, trine Venus 8:56 pm, Mercury square Ceres 10:40 pm.)

Sunday December 4. The Aries Moon challenges Pluto just after midnight, which could make for a sleepless night depending on your time zone and will add to any relationship challenges which emerge. Fortunately, a beautiful trine from the Sun to Chiron will help to heal the rough edges and when the Moon enters Taurus at 6:37 am a blanket of peace will soften any challenges. (Moon square Pluto 12:46 am, Venus square Neptune 2:12 am, Sun trine Chiron 2:12 am, Moon enters Taurus 6:37 am.)

What a great way to end the week! ❤️

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