Astrological news for the week of January 28-February 4, 2019

The biggest news this week is the first alignment of the harmonious sextile between Saturn (form and structure) and Neptune (transcendence and spiritual expansion). You can read more about that here, but adding practical and grounded Saturn to the creative inspiration of Neptune will be a great boon for virtually every area of our lives. This is an excellent time to give form to our creative and spiritual endeavors – to let our imaginations take us to places we hadn’t yet thought to go.  Saturn’s organizational capacity will help us to ground our ideals and dreams into reality, if we take advantage of these offerings. The first exact alignment of Saturn sextile Neptune takes place on January 30th, but this alignment has been building for the past week or so.

On January 28th, the Sun and Mercury align to merge the solar light of conscious awareness with the power of the mind.  This is a brilliant time for clear thinking and planning, especially in combination with the Saturn/Neptune sextile which has already harnessed our imagination to clarify our practical goals.  This alignment will be in effect only for a couple of days surrounding the exact event.

Mars is the planet of fire and aggression, and when it forms stressful combinations with other planets it doesn’t always bring out the best.  Mars is just coming off of a challenging square to Saturn on the 21st in which the best laid plans were delays and disappointed.  On February 1st Mars will form a challenging square to Pluto – a classic signature for potential violence and power conflicts.  In our personal lives this (beginning around the 28th as the aspect begins to form) is a good time  to pay attention to the underlying issues of power and aggression but it might be best to try to wait to take action until around February 2nd when the force of this alignment begins to wane. At that time two lovely planetary combinations will help to lift us out of any difficult challenges (Venus trine Uranus to open communication and positive feelings and Mercury sextile Jupiter to expand the mind to facilitate greater understanding).

Meanwhile Venus moves into sensible Capricorn on February 3rd to assist in stabilizing not only our relationships but also our finances.  A great opening to the Aquarius New Moon on the 4th which will be featured in next week’s report!

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