Astrological update for the week of December 19-26, 2022

There are two major transitions this week: The re-entry of Jupiter into Aries after its retrograde time in Pisces, and the entry of the Sun into Capricorn which marks the December solstice point which will be followed immediately by a Capricorn New Moon.

A time of change. We have been stuck in a myriad of global problems for the past several years – stuck under the Capricorn stellia (groupings of planets) with Saturn and Pluto, stuck in conflict under the Saturn/Uranus square. As I and many other astrologers have been reporting (see Part I here, Part II will be published in the next week), the energies over the next few years will be dramatic and marked by change and transition. A New Moon just after the solstice, a point at which the Sun literally stands still, is a dramatic symbol of the changes to come.

The Capricorn solstice. In the solar cycle we celebrate the shortest day as the return of the Sun and the beginning of the new year.  The culmination of the solar cycle is at the opposite solstice, with the quarter points of the equinoxes, when light and dark are in balance, are equivalent to the waxing and waning squares, similar to the waxing and waning squares of the lunar cycle.  Honoring both the solar and lunar cycles helps to keep us in touch with the cycles of nature even in today’s world in which we are so disconnected from the natural world.  These cycles of nature can serve as an alchemical process of personal transformation, just as we follow the cycles of the planets as they unfold to bring experiences of knowledge and wisdom into our lives.

Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter entered Aries in May of this year (see more here) but retrograded back into Pisces at the end of October before turning direct and completing its passage through Pisces. Jupiter will remain in Aries until May of 2023 at which time it will harmonize with Pluto, newly in Aquarius. That ought to be interesting! Meanwhile, it will be beneficial to ponder all of the ways in which we can expand the positive things in our lives. Jupiter encourages positivity and optimism, and under the Aries influence our own needs will take precedence. Failing to honor that could result in built up resentments and anger, so nip those things in the bud by gaining clarity over what we need for ourselves and our loved ones, and make these things a priority. Take that trip you’ve wanted so that you can enjoy the change of perspective that travel provides. Sign up for a class to enhance your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. Charge up your confidence to ask for that raise or promotion.

Capricorn New Moon. As Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20 this week it will be aspected in a tight square from the solstice Sun and the Capricorn New Moon. A new way to create supportive structures (Capricorn New Moon) may emerge, but an adjustment (Jupiter square) will be needed. Under Jupiter’s influence, particularly in Aries, we desire to proceed through life in accordance with our desires, unfettered by practical considerations or the inconvenience of cold hard facts. This doesn’t track well with Capricornian responsibility and practicality, and the Moon will be in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius at the time of the solstice, encouraging optimism and confidence to prevail over caution.

Keeping this in mind as we move from the optimism of the Sagittarius Moon into Capricorn season heralded by the New Moon (early morning EST on December 23rd) will be useful and help us to make a smoother transition.

I hope you have a beautiful week, with the return of the light at the solstice, new blessings at the New Moon, and a Christmas holiday filled with light and love. ❤️

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