It’s an interesting fact that the astrological factor associated with spirituality is the same as the symbolism associated with creative inspiration.  And also delusion.  That is not to say that spirituality and creativity are the same as delusion, but when the veil between the Divine and the practical begin to thin there is some danger that we will not always be able to distinguish what is “real” from what is “false.”  It’s a well-known fact that some of the most brilliant artists have bordered on madness – something we attribute to the Neptune factor.

Jupiter is a personal planet, describing our personal optimism and faith in life.  Under the influence of Jupiter, we feel more  able to dream of a life that is bigger and better, and have the confidence to seek those dreams. Neptune is a transpersonal planet – inspiring us to go beyond the obvious and the mundane.  The challenging square between Jupiter and Neptune culminates this week and we are seeing a higher degree of confusion and illusion in the news.  Who said what in Ukraine? What is causing mysterious illnesses in vapers?  Is confidence in financial markets an illusion?  It feels a bit like we have been riding in a bubble and all of a sudden look down to find there is nothing holding us up. (If this is new to you, you can catch up with this article.)

Challenging aspects are not always hard or “bad” – they ARE strong, and they can therefore also be of great benefit to us. Under this Jupiter/Neptune energy we may find that we have an increase in creativity and that our imagination can more easily be unleashed.  It is a wonderful time for the arts and music, or for spending time in nature.  Our senses and our heart and compassion may be more open than usual.  I do believe that if we focus on the positive aspects of these potentially difficult cycles we can get more out of them.

We also have a New Moon in Libra on the 28th.  Under the Libra New Moon we seek new ways to find inner balance and harmony – something made more difficult by a stressful opposition from Chiron which may uncover old wounds and hurt feelings if we have any left over from our lifetime of personal development.  Once those wounds are healed, Chiron begins to act differently.  With few wounds left to find healing, Chiron inspires us to help others to heal and to find their true selves under the false face that we sometimes construct in order to find more ease in our lives.  Chiron’s role as Soul Healer eventually enables us to evolve into our own destiny as healers and singers of the soul.  In the meantime, however, this New Moon offers an opportunity for a new start – a new beginning in learning how to heal ourselves in order to find better balance between our needs and what we give to others in partnership.

I’ll be writing more about this New Moon later in the week.  For daily planetary musings, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  I wasn’t able to discover the artist of this painting – if you have any information please email me

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