lunar eclipse July 27Deviant Art.  Mercury is in its shadow period now, moving at a snails space as it prepares to turn retrograde.  (Most people know by know that Mercury doesn’t actually travel backwards, or retrograde but because we observe the motion of the planets from Earth they sometimes appear to move backwards from our perspective which we call retrograde motion.)   Mercury will be retrograde through August 18th.  Because Mercury rules communication, learning and communication equipment, anything started or implemented during Mercury retrograde periods MAY bring potential problems or glitches later on.

As someone who has observed this phenomenon for over 40 years, I can tell you that the current hysteria over Mercury retrograde that fills the Interwebs is way overblown.  It sells astrological news perhaps, but the number of people who write me in terror of making a move or even a small purchase during these periods makes me weep.

During the Mercury retrograde, we just need to exercise an additional level of care.  If you’re booking a flight for a trip, REview your flight arrangements a few times to be sure you haven’t made a mistake.  If you have to start a job, sign a contract, or buy a new car because your old one died, do your REsearch, REread the contract or documents to be sure they are clear.

Mercury retrograde periods are excellent for REvisiting a discussion which isn’t quite REsolved, or simply for taking time to REflect and REwind your life.  The waves of the ocean ebb and flow, and the retrograde periods are like the ebb tide, REturning us back to the ocean to REcharge and REplenish our life force.

It will likely help that Mercury is acting as a singleton planet during the lunar eclipse – it makes no aspects to any other planet in the eclipse chart.  This eclipse will last for a very long time and is being called a Blood Moon because of the way the light is distributed and NOT because it will mark the end of the world.

The eclipse occurs at the Aquarius Full Moon, and not only is this a total eclipse (with the lunar nodes of Destiny in tight alignment with both the Sun and Moon) but Mars is tightly involved as well for an increased intensity and a powerful impact.  Eclipses are not to be feared – a client recently told me with the eclipse sitting on her Sun she was afraid that she might die.  That of course didn’t happen!  The effect of eclipses tend to be more energetic and psychological than event-driven.  Often there is an emotional eruption of some kind, although it IS possible that an event may come out of nowhere to create an opening for a powerful life transformation of some kind.  The lunar nodes are like signposts that point the direction from our past to our future, and so there is a fated quality to all eclipses.

This eclipse will be most powerful for anyone who has planets between 0 and 10 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio or Taurus.  Mars is aligned with the South Node here as well as sitting right on top of the Moon, so there is a highly charged energy to release something dark from the past.  As if that weren’t enough, a strong Uranus aspect challenges us to make a clean break and a deeply radical change. This could feel uncomfortable, but it is a key in liberating us for greater personal development.  Relationships and connections with others are supremely helpful during this process but watch for communication glitches caused by the retrograde Mercury cycles.  Expect the energies of this powerful eclipse to last for a week or so

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