Astrological update for the week of August 7-14, 2023

This week’s update will be short and sweet because I’m getting on a plane in a few minutes for a family emergency. 

The biggest news this week is the continuing challenging square aspect between Pluto and the lunar nodes. This aspect began a couple of weeks ago and continues into this week. The lunar nodes represent the direction of fate from past to future, with the south node representing the past and the north node pointing towards our future direction. There are different ways to get to the future, and when Pluto, planet of transformation, is challenging the nodes we may find ourselves at a crossroads. Or perhaps there is an event that seems small but which eventually changes the trajectory of our lives.

Some astrologers have noted that the Aries North Node is about to meet up with Eris, planet of discord. Eris and Pluto formed a challenging square aspect in early 2020, and the last few years have indeed been full of all kinds of discordant events. Covid-19, election denial – these seeds of discord blow up the paradigm and make it necessary to begin anew. We have only to look to the goddess Eris, who through her jealousy began the Trojan War.

This week’s planetary aspect are pretty mild. There are a number of harmonious solar aspects which can enhance our understanding and ability to see clearly. Venus is fairly active too as it retrogrades back through Leo and encourages us to reconsider our relationships and values.

My general advice for this week is to consider the path that our lives are on. Do we have a sense of purpose, and if not how can we bring this into being? If we have a clear idea of where we are headed, have we packed the right gear? Do we have the right travel companions? If we are on an incorrect course, with Pluto square the nodes this week we may find blocks in the road that are actually messages to change course.

Have a good week and if I can I’ll revise this post with additional details.

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