Astrological update for the week of November 21-28, 2022

Sagittarius season. Having made it through Scorpio season, the time of Samhain and Hallowe’en when the veil between the worlds is thin and we move into the dark time (here in the northern hemisphere), Sagittarius season comes along to bring a lighter viewpoint as we head into the holiday celebrations. Venus (love) and Mercury (mind) have already made the shift into Sagittarius, and this week the Sun joins the party, followed swiftly by the Moon the next day.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, a sign of action and initiation, and under Jupiter’s rulership it bestows an innate sense of good fortune and a sunny optimism. We learned as children reading “The Little Engine that Could” that if you think you can do something or be something, you CAN do and be those things. These are Sagittarius lessons. Sagittarius tends to bring out the social aspects of the most reclusive of us, and that’s why it’s the perfect sign for these times.

Every aspect of astrology has a light side and a dark side, even Sagittarius. Under the influence of Sagittarius, whether in the natal chart or under a Sagittarius planetary cycle, we can be blind to anything which restricts our freedom to explore and pursue our overoptimistic agendas, and this can sometimes result in negative consequences so moderation is a good quality to keep at hand under these strong Sagittarius influences.

Sagittarius New Moon. The New Moon on the 23rd at 5:57 pm EST is a bounty of expansive energies, with four planetary bodies in Sagittarius and really nothing to stand in the way of our hopes and dreams becoming reality. The New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and a chance to plant seeds for new experiences; the Sun and Moon align in concert and beam to us the unadulterated Sagittarian light of positive energy and a desire for expansion. Under the Sagittarian New Moon we resist confinement and responsibility – we yearn to be free.

Stationary Jupiter turns direct. Freedom is a keyword for this New Moon, even more so because the ruler of this New Moon, Jupiter, is stationary in the sky as it prepares to turn direct just minutes after the lunation. A stationary planet is at its most powerful, standing

still in the sky as it prepares to changes its apparent path around the Sun.

Jupiter is at the last degree of Pisces and it will be stationary for the next few weeks, moving only a degree before entering Aries in mid-December. This is a time when dreams can be crafted into tapestries and our imaginations can lead us towards beneficial rewards.

Ceres opposite Neptune.  An abundance of Jupiter energies can make it easy to neglect the needs of the physical body, especially when Jupiter is stationary in its own sign of dreamy Pisces. This aspect has been building for a few weeks and I’ve mentioned it in these pages, but the exact alignment is this week. Under this influence it may become more difficult and therefore more important to take additional care with our nutrition and our body’s energy.

Here’s what else you need to know about the week (dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality). 

Monday, November 21. The Moon leaves Libra for Scorpio around noon which would normally intensify the conversation, but today Mercury (mind) aligns with Venus (relating) in bountiful Sagittarius to facilitate conversation and open the doors to more beneficial connections. (Mercury conjunct Sagittarius 5:54 pm.)

Tuesday November 22. The Sun enters Sagittarius today for a boost of optimism, but there may be some stress on the nervous system much of the day. Plan to take some time to indulge in something to foster relaxation and calm. (Sun enters Sagittarius 3:30 am, Mars square Ceres 2:23 pm, Moon opposite Uranus 4:24 pm, square Saturn 9:32 pm.)

Wednesday November 23. This is a big day of harmonious lunar activity culminating in the New Moon at 5:57 pm EST. The Moon begins the day in Scorpio where we tend to feel everything more deeply, with a tendency to analyze each passing conversation and idea in great detail. Expect to feel more intense today, but that intensity comes with rainbows and butterflies after the Moon enters Sagittarius and we get that shower of New Moon energy.  (Moon sextile Ceres 1:47 am, trine Neptune 3:03 am, sextile Pluto 9:38 am, trine Jupiter 1:15 pm. Moon enters Sagittarius 3:15 pm, New Moon 5:57 pm. Jupiter turns direct 6:02 pm.)

Thursday November 24. The New Moon energy continues in an afterglow of positivity that casts a light of hope over our lives. Some of us tend towards fairly consistent negativity so it may take some effort to partake of all of this rosy good faith so we may want to take some special effort to look out the window and enjoy the great astrological weather. (Moon conjunct Venus 8:25 am, conjunct Mercury 9:48 am, trine Chiron 11:31 am, sextile Saturn 11:15 pm. Also, Mercury is moving into a trine to Chiron which culminates at 1:46 am on Friday.)

Friday November 25. This is a day for healing and re-alignment.  The rosy glow is still present, but a Neptunian fog could cast a shadow in the morning. The afternoon brings an attempt to rein in any overindulgence from the Sagittarius New Moon feast, and then the Moon enters Capricorn to bring everything down to earth.

Fortunately, harmonious aspects to Chiron ease the pressure and aid in greater understanding and inner tranquility. (Moon opposite Mars 1:35 am, Mercury trine Chiron 1:46 am, Moon square Ceres 4:23 am, Moon square Neptune 4:24 am, Ceres opposite Neptune 4:52 am, Moon square Jupiter 2:21 pm, Moon enters Capricorn 4:18 pm, Venus trine Chiron 7:51 pm.)

Saturday November 26. A quiet day with only lunar influences which may feel slightly uncomfortable in the late morning EST but will then ease into an awakening of some sort just after 6 pm EST. (Moon square Chiron 12:10 pm, Moon trine Uranus 6:34 pm.)

Sunday November 27. When the Moon is in Capricorn we can sometimes enjoy feeling busy and getting things done, and this is the perfect day to do that. The Capricorn Moon is well balanced, with supportive influences to balance our energy and just enough stress to motivate.

The Moon leaves Capricorn for Aquarius at 5:06 pm, and the next few days will be highlighted by a yearning for individual liberty and stimulation. A harmonious Mars influence builds today to culminate Monday, exciting us even more into productive action. (Moon sextile Neptune 5:05 am, trine Ceres 6:16 am, conjunct Pluto 11:42 am, sextile Jupiter 3:11 pm.)

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