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The Sagittarius New Moon occurs on November 26th marking the beginning of Sagittarius season.  Sagittarius times tend to be more lighthearted and hopeful than periods dominated by, say, Scorpio, which we have been going through over the past few weeks.  Two planets still linger in Scorpio, but the New Moon in Sagittarius offers an illumination into the ideal of hope and a belief that we can indeed find meaning in our lives that brings a sense of peace and fulfillment.

This New Moon is harmonized by a trine from Chiron, which helps to soften the rough edges and facilitate the healing of any old wounds that linger in the psyche.  However, an awkward inconjunct* from the New Moon to Uranus suggests that there is a pressure to break away from old patterns and begin something new, although we may not yet be aware of what that ought to be.  Often the 30 degree and 150 degree angles plant seeds of irritation and restlessness that are fulfilled when a stronger planetary cycle comes along.

The energies of the New Moon begin a few days away from the actual alignment, so we are in the shadow already of this New Moon.  This is the perfect time to seek an adventure, either in the mind or an actual adventure in the physical world.  Under the influence of the Sagittarius New Moon we are encouraged to open up to ever greater possibilities and never to settle for a limited or safe alternative.

Venus enters Capricorn on November 25th, and for a few weeks our relationships with others taken on a more sober flavor.  After a few weeks in Sagittarius, Venus is now focused more on Doing the Right Thing and honoring responsibilities.  Because Venus is also concerned with beauty and the creative arts, this is also a good time to focus on structure and diligent practice in those areas.

Neptune turns direct this week after about six months in retrograde motion.  When a planet appears to change direction, such as turning retrograde and then direct again, its motion appears to slow down to a virtual standstill and at those times the influence of that planet is powerful and clear.  In the case of Neptune, this can bring a greater alignment with soul and our creative imagination; it can also illuminate illusion, deception and a lack of clarity.  This Neptunian fog could last for the next few weeks as Neptune picks up its normal speed.

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There are all kinds of appellations for the 30 degree and 150 degree angles between planets, but the ones that make the most sense to me are the inconjunct (30 degree) and quincunx (150 degree). Most astrologers call the 30 degree aspect the semi-sextile which makes no sense to me because the action of the 30 degree angle is completely different than that of the sextile, so being a radical at heart I prefer not to use that term. Some call the 150 degree angle the quincunx or inconjunct interchangeably, and some say that the 150 degree angle is only an inconjunct if it is between two fixed signs. Some say that an unaspected planet is inconjunct. Since neither aspect was used in traditional or ancient astrological literature, I figure my opinion is worth as much as the next person’s.  In any case, both terms refer to an “aversion” – the signs can neither see each other nor understand each other. 

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