In traditional astrology, when a planet comes “under the beams” of the Sun, meaning it conjoins the Sun, it is considered to be “combust.”  This means that the energy of the planet under the beams can literally burn up in the fire of the Sun, which is considered a bad thing.  After all, that planet in the sky is rendered invisible by the light of the Sun and is therefore seriously debilitated.

There is often a difference between the philosophy of astrology and the practical observation of the way that certain things work.  Being a practical person, I am more interested in whether an astrological idea has practical application than how old the idea is.  Just because someone came up with it 2000 years ago doesn’t make it a useful tool, in my opinion.  For this reason, I am typically not concerned about this idea that the Mercury and Mars will conjoin in combustion to the Sun.  I have seen where the Sun conjunct Mercury activates the mind in a way that is not normally possible, and a conjunction from the Sun to Mars can open a portal to greater action and enhance motivation.

This week the Sun conjoined Mars (on September 2nd) and then Mercury (on the 3rd).  The presence of Mars, the planet of war and aggression, is often a concern when it is strongly positioned, but in this case the two planets and the Sun are all in the sign of Virgo.  Virgo is a sign of reason and practical thinking, and tends to tone down the aggression of Mars and focus the intelligence of Mercury.  The Sun here tends to amplify the energies of Mars and we did in fact have another shooting in the US, although there have been so many of these lately I hardly think we can link that to the triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Mars.  In addition, stable Saturn harmonizes in a trine to the Virgo stellium, helping to maintain some order and balance in the equation.

Still, there’s no question that the linking of the Sun, Mercury and Mars can help us to focus our thinking in ways that help us to create action.  Later in the week, on September 6th and 7th, Mercury “translates” the challenging square between Jupiter and Neptune that may cause a tendency to be ungrounded or remain in illusion perhaps a little longer than is healthy.  Mercury “translates” this square, which doesn’t culminate until September 21st, by communicating in a challenging square to Jupiter and then in a challenging opposition to Neptune.  Allow your dreams and ideas to lift you outside your comfort zone, but watch out for the temptation to disregard the laws of nature.  There is a lot of energy now to make things happen, and the only real limit is the mind, and our illusions.



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