Astrological update for the week of October 10-17, 2022

Saturn square Uranus: The final hurrah. We are in the final stages of the challenging square from Saturn (compression) to Uranus (rebellion) – the planetary cycle of 2021 which promoted so much civil unrest and overreaction. Although this is not an exact aspect (the two planets are 39 minutes of a degree apart and will begin to wane, we will likely continue to see the final stages of reactionary behavior well into November.

When two planets are in a square aspect to each other, there is conflict which, ideally, will lead to a resolution and eventual personal growth. But this can only occur when there is an attempt to understand the other’s point of view. In this case we have the co-rulers of Aquarius (Saturn the traditional ruler, Uranus the modern ruler) fighting over the fate of society (Aquarius). This is not an ideal planetary condition for an election, and there have been quite a few around the world since August while this aspect has been in effect.

Planetary squares can bring out extremes, but we can modulate their effect somewhat by finding a middle way – the “Mahayana” of Buddhism, the “path between.”

Mercury enters Libra. On Monday Mercury leaves the orderliness of Virgo for the diplomacy of Libra. For the next few weeks (until October 29) there is potential for greater ease in negotiations and seeing both sides of an issue so that a resolution can be achieved, something that we could really use under the Saturn/Uranus conflicting energies.

Here is what you need to know for the week ahead. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday October 10. As the week begins the energies of Sunday’s Aries Full Moon are just beginning to wane and the fire of the lunar event will still be felt, especially in the morning when the Moon and Mars do a sweet dance that lasts for just a few hours.  This could be a highly sensitive time emotionally, and old hurts could rise to the surface to cause problems if we are not consciously breathing through the energies of psychic drama.

This will begin fade when the Moon shifts into Taurus at around 5 pm, encouraging greater peacefulness, followed by Mercury entering Libra at 7:50 pm. (Moon sextile Mars 4:14 am, Venus opposite Chiron 9:15 am, Moon square Pluto 10 am, Moon enters Taurus 5:03 pm, Mercury enters Libra 7:50 pm.)

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Tuesday October 11. On Tuesday we have the opportunity to find that middle way, a center of peace that can ground and support us under a Sun/Saturn trine. Tuesday morning will be an excellent time to achieve something difficult as there is very little to distract us.

There are, however, two challenging aspects beginning to build on Tuesday which will culminate just after midnight on Wednesday. We may experience a burst of creativity and creative output but lack the energy and confidence to produce any results.  Tuesday afternoon will be a good time to relax and find ways to recharge and avoid pushing things that cannot be pushed. (Moon trine Ceres 2:18 am, Sun trine Saturn 9:06 pm.)

Wednesday October 12. The challenging energies described above linger into Wednesday but the Moon is more active which may help to create a maelstrom of conflicting motivations. We have big ideas, but lack the focus to think about them or the vitality to generate results.

At times like this the best thing is to breathe and find a place of comfort within from which we can observe the changing flow around us (the Taurus Moon will assist with this). By afternoon the whirlwind will begin to subside. (Mars square Neptune 1:46 am, Moon conjunct Uranus 2:19 am, Mercury opposite Jupiter 3:23 am, Moon square Saturn 3:36 am, Moon sextile Neptune 12:25 pm, Moon trine Pluto 5:41 pm).

Thursday October 13. The Moon enters Gemini just after midnight, amping up our curiosity and the focus on the mental realm. Harmonious aspects in the morning set the stage for a quieter day emotionally which gives the mind free rein to expand and learn. Try not to neglect the body, especially just after noon, as without that healthy connection between body, mind and spirit we can become stuck and lose the flow of comfort and joy.

A harmonious Venus aspect is building throughout the day which culminates shortly after midnight and helps to facilitate this calm space. (Moon enters Gemini 1:07 am, sextile Jupiter 4:07 am, trine Mercury 7:29 am, square Ceres 12:54 pm).

Friday October 14. Friday’s planetary energies are beautifully well-balanced and supportive. This is the perfect day to spend time with loved ones (or yourself!) and take advantage of this lovely planetary weather to relax and recharge.

The only caveat is that around 11 pm there may be some confusion or overly idealistic tendencies so try not to make impulsive decisions after 9 pm. (Venus trine Saturn 2:20 am, Moon sextile Chiron 4:03 am, trine Saturn 1:32 pm, trine Venus 2:51 pm, trine Sun 7:23 pm, square Neptune 10:45 pm).

Saturday October 15. The Moon enters its own sign of Cancer just after noon and takes us deep into the realm of feelings and personal connections. We are all a bit more sensitive when the Moon is in Cancer, and a little bit of understanding will go a long way. (Moon conjunct Mars 12:10 am, enters Cancer 12:10 pm, square Jupiter 2:43 pm).

Sunday October 16. Lunar aspects are somewhat challenging today, especially in the afternoon when for a few hours Chiron strips off the band-aid which covers a painful wound. Breath is the best tool for managing emotion, and Sunday is an excellent day to practice a mindful attention to feelings that may be affecting us. (Moon sextile Ceres 2:35 am, square Mercury 3:18 am, square Chiron 3:51 pm.)

Overall this is a good week to recharge and assess where we are and how we feel about it. I hope you have a great week. ❤️

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