For me, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has felt like a vise of intense energy, putting on the squeeze until I finally let go.  For others, there have been life difficulties and changes such as Meghan Markle, whose chart is personally affected by the eclipse and the conjunction falling right on her ascendant, the need for change has been extreme.

As I have written before, events that occur during a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto usually leave a lasting effect and we may not know what that effect is until much later.  This conjunction has been particularly intense because of last week’s eclipse, and on Monday January 13th the Sun and Ceres line up exactly with Saturn and Pluto.  The presence of Ceres, the goddess of the nourishment of the Earth, suggests that our relationship to the Earth, including issues of population and climate change, is a critical piece of this Saturn/Pluto drama.  The intensity of the pressure of Saturn and Pluto will begin to fade, but the difficult questions and hard choices are likely to linger for at least another week or two.

The presence of the new planet Eris is likely to be significant too.  Eris represents discord – like the golden apple which started the Trojan War, Eris seems to represent the small events which create lasting chaos and transformation.  Eris is currently within a degree from an exact square to Saturn and Pluto, and as the Sun, Mercury and Ceres move through the degrees of that exact square to Eris these planets “translate” the alignment between Eris, Saturn and Pluto.  Continued chaos is likely, and on January 16th the square between Saturn and Eris will become exact.  My point is, the aftershocks of the Saturn and Pluto earthquake are likely to linger for some time.

Meanwhile, however, Venus enters Pisces today (January 13) which will have a softening effect. Venus, planet of love, beauty and connection between humans, is said to be exalted in the sign of Pisces where the divine love and transcendence of Pisces raises the vibration of Venus and assists us to forge connections with others for a higher purpose.  It’s easy under the influence of Saturn and Pluto to become bogged down in the heaviness of life and its changes, and the sprinkling of magic under the Piscean Venus will help to give us some much needed lightness of heart.

This change of perspective will continue when Mercury enters Aquarius on January 16th.  For the next few weeks, the detachment and insight of Aquarius will aid us to elevate our perspective of the shifting sands upon which we live our lives.  With a detachment of mind from Mercury in Aquarius, combined with the open heart of Venus in Pisces, any structural change of Saturn and Pluto will begin to make more sense and we will find it easier to adapt to the new reality.

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