The planetary energies are relatively quiet this week and mostly benevolent.  The effect of Jupiter in a harmonious trine to Uranus which culminated last week still lingers for another week or so.  With no other major planetary alignments to dilute the effect of this wonderful trine, we can create real magic. Jupiter’s expansive influence can help us to more easily receive the multidimensional consciousness that Uranus bestows when we can become unstuck from our outmoded thoughts and ideas.

Between the 18th and the 20th we have a harmonious connection (sextile) between Mars (action) and Saturn (structure) that will really help us to focus and achieve whatever we put our minds to.  Mars is in Scorpio right now where its aggressive nature is able to operate freely, and with the support of Saturn’s discipline we have a serious aid to buckling down and accomplishing a goal.  However, Mercury (mind) faces off in a challenging square to Neptune (imagination and illusion).  While our energies our focused under Mars/Saturn, this Mercury aspect heightens imagination and creativity, but also fosters a tendency towards woolgathering and spaciness.  Keep that in mind when you make your plans for these few days and make sure that you allow some time for creativity and to let your imagination run wild while in achievement mode.

Venus moves into Aquarius on December 20th, and for the next few weeks all of our interactions with others (Venus) will take on the Aquarian qualities of detachment and reason.  Aquarius is humanitarian and concerned for social justice, but it is more of an idea than an empathic connection.  Under Venus in Aquarius, we need space in our connections as we follow our ideals for the perfect human relationships. Venus will harmonize with Chiron later in the week to facilitate healing and deeper connections, but forms a challenging square to Uranus on the 22nd which can disrupt the equanimity and peaceful harmony that we strive for.  That would be a good day to plan something new and exciting as Uranus smiles upon anything that will break up routine.

Then the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) occurs on December 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn at 11:19 am.  The turning of the seasons has been celebrated for millenia by northern hemisphere cultures as the rebirth of the Sun. In today’s modern world we have lost touch with the importance of the seasons, but spending some time at these important solar points in the wheel of time can help to connect us to a legacy of nature spirituality that goes beyond idea and theology.

I will offer more thoughts on the solstice later in the week.  Meanwhile For daily planetary musings, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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