September 30-October 7, 2019

Like the other two outer planets, Pluto is retrograde about half the year.  This cycle of the ebb and flow of planets appearing to travel backwards, completing their tasks, and then moving ahead as normal is an important part of the astrological flow of life.  Though we often complain about Mercury retrograde, for example, these periods give us an opportunity to go back and re-do whatever had not yet been completed before we attempted to put them away, and therefore move more completely into our future.

Pluto, though small, is a powerhouse of astrological energy.  It presides over nothing less than death and regeneration, and the kind of creative destruction which enables us to emerge out of the fire of devastating change and rebuild our lives to be stronger and more effective.  Pluto has been retrograde since April and has barely moved since then so if like me you’re undergoing a Pluto transit you have been feeling its effects! Pluto turns direct on October 3rd and we will begin to feel the pressure lift.

Meanwhile, though, we have a challenging square from Venus to Pluto on October 1st that will intensify our personal interactions, and then Mercury enters Pluto-ruled Scorpio on the 3rd, beginning the shift from Libra season into Scorpio.  Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars – it is a fiery water sign that’s full of passion and intensity.  But Mars will move into polite Libra on October 4th, which will soften the effect of Pluto.  This may be considered a good thing, because we generally think of easy stuff as being preferable to hard stuff.  But Mars isn’t very effective in Libra where everyone else’s opinions must be considered, so while Mars is in Libra we may see a buildup of resentments and little angers, especially towards the end of the week when Mars begins to oppose Chiron, irritating our wounded places and stimulating emotional reaction.

As we start to tiptoe into Scorpio season, with the aid of Pluto, it’s time to embrace our inner dark power that may not be pretty, but is authentic and true.  I have found that bringing the darkness into the light of consciousness helps us to find integration and healing, and isn’t that what Pluto is all about!

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