This week it’s all about Mercury!  Mercury rules the mind, transition, communication, the way we think and how information is processed in the brain as well as communication devices.  It also rules short trips and experiences that ar

e short but meaningful – things that we try on to see how we might be changed under a different outlook.

Jupiter (abundance and confidence) is still separating from a harmonious trine to Uranus (innovation and change), so there is still a general feeling of optimism in the air.  I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but once this optimism is behind us we will begin to be more aware of the upcoming alignment between Saturn and Pluto.  This is not a time to spend all of your nuts!  Gather your resources and protect them just in case there is a storm of pessimism over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Mercury acts as a translator between Uranus and Jupiter, connecting them once again for a last burst of optimism and expansive potential.  First Mercury harmonizes with Uranus on the 30th, awakening our thoughts and ideas and filling us with the excitement of new possibilities, and this leads into a conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter, continuing this excitement and expanding it even more on January 2nd.  Although Mercury cycles usually last for just a day or two, because Mercury is serving its role as messenger god between two major planets this week, the energies will linger longer than usual.

Although the general excitement may wane once Mercury is done with Jupiter and Uranus, the optimism continues for a few more weeks when Mars enters happy Sagittarius on January 3rd.  Mars is happiest when it is able to act without constraints, and it certainly is able to do so in the sign of adventure and expansion of the mind (Sagittarius).  Mars will be in Sagittarius until February 16th.

Have a great week, and be sure to look for my 2020 astrological forecast which will be out very soon.

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