I think we will all find that this is a good week to be mindful.

On the 7th, a stressful opposition between Mercury (the mind) and Uranus (reckless behavior) could prompt a quick decision that doesn’t end well if we’re not careful.  Take a minute to think before taking action, especially since Saturn (tests and challenges) is squared by the Sun, leading us into temptation.

We will be under a challenging opposition from Mars to Chiron between the 7th and the 9th or so.  Mars can trigger anger and with Chiron involved, unpleasant feelings and old wounds could emerge. Remember that the purpose of this emergence of any distress is so that it can be released and healed – holding onto these old wounds just causes them to fester and negatively affect our energy system.

Meanwhile Venus enters Scorpio and we begin the journey into Scorpio’s depth and magic.  When Venus is in Scorpio (as it will be until November 2nd) our relationships take on greater urgency and intensity.  The truth must be told, and our connections become deeper and more intimate.

Any darkness will lift by the 10th and a lovely sextile from the Sun to Ceres (nurturing that comes from the Earth) will highlight ways in which we can take care of our physical bodies by nurturing the senses.  We may find some disruption in our relationships around the 12th but a sweet harmonic between the Sun and Jupiter (confidence and optimism) helps to smooth the way.  This is generally a very pleasant time of comfortable planetary energies which lead up to the Aries Full Moon on October 13th.

I’ll be posting more about this Full Moon later in this week – it is a powerhouse of planetary energies.  Ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and desire, the Full Moon axis is squared by Pluto, planet of transformation.  In addition, Mars is opposed by Chiron, planet of wounding and healing those old wounds discussed above.  It’s not too early to begin to prepare for this Full Moon!  Get your journal ready, because there will be feelings to review and assess, and any simmering resentments from past events are likely to emerge at this Full Moon.  Full Moons are the culmination of a cycle that began two weeks ago – there is a tremendous amount of emotional power available to us at this time.  Be prepared, though, because this kind of intensity can be an emotional challenge so the 13th would not be a great day to schedule a difficult conversation unless you need that extra oomph.

Love and blessings for a powerful week!

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