Astrological update for the week of February 20-27, 2022

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(I wrote about today’s New Moon in last week’s edition but it’s worth repeating, especially if you missed it! )

Sun enters Pisces, and the third New SuperMoon in a row. This week brings the Pisces New Moon on February 20 just after the Sun enters Pisces. This is the third New Moon at perigee (closest to Earth) in a row, beginning the season of Pisces and an emergence of heart-opening compassion and the illumination of imagination. With the New Moon at its closest point to Earth, and at the first degree of Pisces, it may be easier to tune into our heart’s desires as we chart our course for the next month. Intentions planted at the New Moon can come to fruition, and the SuperMoon can make these instincts stronger and more clear.

We have had so much Saturn over the past couple of years, with Saturn going through its two rulership signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, but Saturn will soon (March 7) enter Pisces. The melting of the Saturnian structures into the ocean of divine wisdom and creativity in Pisces could create some confusion and will require an effort to maintain balance. What better time to put this into place than this Pisces New Moon by opening the heart to the mystery while keeping our feet fully on the ground. This will require a great deal of intentionality because there is a lack of Earth in the sky right now, and Earth is the element that encourages us to embrace reality and the details of our lives.

Venus in Aries. Venus has entered the sign of her warrior lover Ares, leaving the Piscean misty realms for the battleground of defense and protection. In Aries, Venus seeks the balance of self-protection with compromise and can help us to defend areas in which our boundaries are violated. These themes will be prominent over the next few weeks as Venus in Aries triggers healing of old wounds with Chiron on the 3rd and challenges our ability to protect ourselves with Pluto just before moving into Taurus on the 16th. (For a comprehensive overview of the month delivered to your inbox, subscribe to Planetary Illuminations (it’s free!). 

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday February 20. The effects of the Pisces Super New Moon will supercharge the first few days of the week, although a Pisces supercharge is not what we might expect. This is a time of enhanced creativity and spiritual expansion, the perfect time to focus on creating a new pathway for the inner journey.

A harmonious Mercury/Chiron aspect builds all day today and filters into tomorrow to facilitate the clearing of emotional blocks to free up energy for illumination and awakening. Enhancing this liberation of emotional energy is a Mercury/Uranus aspect which culminates tomorrow. Mercury is in Aquarius, ruled (modern) by Uranus, making this a “double whammy” of Uranian enlightenment. A good time to write down any thoughts that come to us which may inspire and awaken new neural pathways. (New Moon 7:05 am, Venus enters Aries 7:55 am, Mercury sextile Chiron 4:59 pm.)

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Tuesday February 21. The Moon is still in Pisces, making a few aspects in the morning which will energize but also potentially create some small disruptions, especially for a few hours in the morning (EST). This will give way to a yearning for peaceful harmony in the evening, but that Mercury/Uranus aspect could infuse us with an overabundance of active thoughts. This is a good time (afternoon/evening Tuesday EST) for some meditation, music, or creativity to calm the mind.  (Moon sextile Uranus 5:19 am, square Mars 6:43 am, conjunct Neptune 7:51 pm, Mercury square Uranus 10:22 pm.)

Wednesday February 22. The Moon enters Aries today at 5:13 am and dances with Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics. Confidence and empowerment is at a peak today, with very little downside. Under the influence of Aries we are less prone to second-guessing our feelings and needs, and it becomes easier to acknowledge and express them. A harmonious Mercury aspect to Mars energizes the mind and quickens the pace of the day. (Moon sextile Pluto 4:05 am, Moon enters Aries 5:13 am, conjunct Venus 9:25 am, opposite Ceres 2:40 pm, Mercury trine Mars 8:13 pm, Moon conjunct Jupiter 10:48 pm.)

Thursday February 23. Today’s lunar aspects offer an opportunity to get the best out of the Aries Moon. Once we get past a slight challenge from Chiron around 4 am (fearful thoughts, hurt feelings) which lasts only a few hours, this should be a day to facilitate all activities with ease and enthusiasm. (Moon conjunct Chiron 3:55 am, sextile Mars 9:44 am, sextile Mercury 11:02 am.)

Friday February 24. We could see some rocky challenges to our equanimity in relationships today as we struggle to balance our sense of self and inner balance with Venus in Aries opposite Ceres in Libra. This lasts only a couple of days, but because we are dealing with Ceres here we will want to be sure that the needs of our body, soul and mind are all managed well before attempting to negotiate in our relationships.

Fortunately the Moon enters Taurus at around 8:30 am EST to assist in the balancing of our energies to find greater peacefulness. (Moon sextile Saturn 6:05 am, square Pluto 7:21 am, Moon enters Taurus 8:29 am, Venus opposite Ceres 5:16 pm, Moon sextile Sun 7:01 pm.)

Saturday February 25. One single lunar aspect today could bring some interesting surprises. Keep your eyes open for something new! (Moon conjunct Uranus 12:24 pm).

Sunday February 26. Today the lunar aspects are again in charge, and there are a lot of them. The Moon is still in Taurus which seeks comfort and a sense of security, and there is a good balance of support and challenge (mostly just around 2 pm EST)  to keep things interesting.

The Moon enters Gemini at 3:47 pm EST which will activate the mind once again and encourage curious exploration over the next couple of days. There are no planetary aspects until March 2 so the lunar aspects will dominate and bring the focus to moods and feelings.

I hope you have a wonderful week! ❤️

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