Astrological update for the week of August 22-29, 2022

Virgo New Moon. This week we move into Virgo season with the Sun entering Virgo on Tuesday August 23rd EDT and the Virgo New Moon on Saturday the 27th. Virgo season shifts the energies from the fiery solar/Leo passions into the cooler sensations as we begin the transition to autumn and the days begin to wane in the northern hemisphere. Under the influence of Virgo we start paying more attention to the details of our lives, creating rituals and routines that will support the necessities of life in a body. Hygiene, exercise, proper nutrition – all of these things become more important now.

The Virgo New Moon is full of passion and a drive for change, something unexpected for Virgo which is often cautious and does not embrace new things easily. The Virgo Sun and Moon are in a challenging aspect to Mars in Gemini, suggesting choices to be made and a disruption of some sort. In addition, the square from Saturn to Uranus, the cycle of unrest that I called the Story of 2021, is tightening and will be as strong as it will be this year.

Virgo asks that we take care of the details, but at this New Moon the details are being pressured to change and realign for a new reality.

Mercury in Libra. Virgo’s ruler Mercury changes signs this week, leaving its own sign of Virgo for Libra where it will be until it retrogrades back into Virgo on September 23rd (Mercury will turn retrograde on September 9th). Mercury in Libra fosters a desire for greater equanimity and peaceful exchange, something we could all need right now.

Here’s what you need to know for the rest of the week. Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, please adjust for your locality. 

Monday August 22. The Moon begins the week in Cancer, the sign of emotions and family, and Venus aligns with Ceres to facilitate the self-integration that allows us to enjoy the simple pleasures of self-care. It’s really only when we are able to care for ourselves and honor our own needs that we can truly care for others, and this short but potent alignment pulls us in the right direction.

Meanwhile a harmonious trine from Mercury to Pluto empowers and deepens our thinking while the Cancer Moon opens the heart to our deepest emotions. (Moon square Jupiter 4:09 pm, Venus conjunct Ceres 5:03 pm, Mercury trine Pluto 9:58 pm)

Tuesday August 23. The Sun enters Virgo, opening the door to Virgo season as described above. The already sensitive Cancer Moon is challenged by Chiron which could rip off some of the bandaids we’ve placed on painful places in the heart. This may last only a few hours, but the result will be significant healing in unexpected places with a harmonious lunar aspect to Uranus. (Sun enters Virgo 3:16 am, Moon square Chiron 8:47 am, Moon sextile Uranus 2:50 pm)

Wednesday August 24. Today is packed with lots of planetary activity. The Cancer Moon is very active in the morning before it enters Leo at 1:09 pm, so watch for excessive moodiness and perhaps some confusion as we are pulled from transcendent bliss to intense drama before settling in to a reasonable equanimity by noon.

Once the Moon enters Leo it engages more harmoniously over the next day or so, and meanwhile a pleasant trine from Venus (relating) to Chiron (healing) helps to smooth over the rough edges. (Moon trine Neptune 2:25 am, opposite Pluto 6:16 am, sextile Mercury 9:40 am, Venus trine Chiron 5:30 pm, Moon enters Leo 1:09 pm, Moon sextile Mars 6:16 pm)

Thursday August 25. A pleasant day with mild lunar aspects, this is a good day to enjoy the companionship of others. Mercury enters Libra today and relationships are much on our mind. (Moon trine Jupiter 4:10 am, conjunct Ceres 6:33 pm, trine Chiron 8:42 pm, conjunct Venus 11:50 pm)

Friday August 26. With Libra’s ruler Venus moving into a strong square aspect to Uranus there is change afoot. Watch for long-established patterns to change as we seek new ways to interact with the people around us.  The Moon enters Virgo at 8:24 pm and the energies of the New Moon begin to take shape.

Saturday August 27. Virgo New Moon! See first paragraph for the details, but as with all New Moons there is an opportunity now to begin something new or create an intention for good Virgo things like re-organizing your house, clearing out the basement or attic, beginning a new exercise or nutrition program. (Venus square Uranus 12:33 am, New Moon 4:17 am square Mars, Chiron trine Ceres 9:13 pm)

Sunday August 28. Today a Venus/Saturn aspect asks that we take a look at the health of our relationships to see whether they are in balance. Venus is in Leo right now where we are more focused on our own needs – this can be a healthy thing for some of us, but it can make things lopsided if we are neglecting our responsibilities to others. Or perhaps we are neglecting our own needs in an attempt to improve our relationships. Today is a good day to take a close look at this area if it feels out of balance.

The Virgo Moon is helpful for this kind of analysis, which will be facilitated by harmonious lunar aspects. (Moon trine Uranus 8:47 am, Venus opposite Saturn 2:27 pm, Moon opposite Neptune 7:27 pm, trine Pluto 11:08 pm)

Monday the Moon will enter Libra in the wee hours of the morning at which time you will receive next week’s forecast.  I hope you have a wonderful week. ❤️

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