We are just past the Aries Full Moon, and its energies will linger into the early part of this week.  Catch up here if you missed it!  Fortunately this week provides us with a lovely serious of harmonious planetary actions to help us to integrate the power of that Full Moon.

Mercury (mind and communication) and Venus (relating) are both highlighted this week, making this an excellent week for writing, teaching, difficult conversations and all kinds of negotiations.  Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31st but we are still a ways from the so-called “shadow” period when Mercury’s motion slows down and it can become difficult to keep the details of our lives moving smoothly.  This is also a good week for making decisions, since Mercury is so well aspected and the mind is relatively free from challenge.

The sweet Venus aspects make this a good week to get together with friends and generally enjoy the company of others once the emotional challenges of the Full Moon have subsided.  Venus helps us to feel generally satisfied and happy with life if we pay attention and notice the small beneficial things that are all around us.  This is also a good week for creativity as Venus inspires us to find AND create beauty and beautiful things.


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