Mars squares Uranus today, and the aggressive enthusiasm of Mars gets a radical (Uranus) twist, causing reckless and impulsive behavior and abrupt changes in direction. Combined with Mercury retrograde, this should add an interesting layer of events to the whole controversy with the Dubai ports deal which came to an abrupt end when Dubai “transferred” control of the leases to manage terminals at 6 US ports to an “unnamed US company.” Agreements entered into when Mercury is retrograde often have to be REnegotiated and REconsidered, and when in Pisces Mercury communication issues often have a blurry quality anyway. Questions remain in my mind about the whole
situation, and I am suspicious of the fact that nowhere is it mentioned which US company will take over control of the ports.

The square of Mars to Uranus has brought about other conflagrations in world news as well. The acting Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, angered those on both the right and left wings when he called for redrawing Israel’s borders to isolate the country from the Palestinians. Meanwhile Iran continues to worry members of the United Nations, while India is granted the nuclear go-ahead.

This square will remain in effect as we head toward the Full Moon eclipse on March 14. The current trine of Jupiter (possibilities) to Mercury (communication) will help to expand awareness and offer a new dimension to our understanding on both a personal level and in the global arena.

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