We are approaching a combination of interesting planetary configurations this week that seem to indicate a bit of a struggle to coordinate urges that come from different directions. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Capricorn over the next few days, speeding up communication and bringing forth new ideas. Yet this conjunction is quincunx Saturn which suggests that these new ideas will find no outlet, no way to ground them (Saturn) into reality.

Venus is approaching a conjunction with Chiron which can be a positive healing experience or a challenging and wounding one. With Venus and Chiron both in detached Aquarius, our dealings with others are on more of a mental level now than an emotional one. We are relating (Venus) through the realm of ideas (Aquarius) and although this can be painful it can also generate truth as Chiron strips away the veneer of social niceties to expose any areas that are out of alignment. Jupiter has been in a sextile (harmonious) formation with Chiron for several weeks where it has expanded our range of experience, and the addition of Venus here offers real opportunity for healing our interpersonal problems.

On the other hand, the warrior Mars is in Sagittarius where it can be somewhat opinionated and judgemental as well as a jubilant seeker for truth, and it is preparing to conjunct Pluto (on January 13) where it tends to become involved in power issues. This can be a time of great conflict because the question of “who has the power” predominates now.

These smaller influences occur within the larger framework of the square from Jupiter to Uranus, of which I keep promising to write more and still will. But for now suffice it to say that with Jupiter’s self-righteousness in conflict (square) with the revolutionary idealism of Uranus
there will be a great deal of impatience to move forward and rebellion (Uranus) against established theology (Jupiter). Lots of new ideas, lot of plans and somewhat reckless behavior. This could generate enough energy to shift any part of the process that becomes stuck, but it may not have any real lasting power.

All told, this does not bode well for President Bush’s great new idea to send yet more troops into Iraq, but it could be a good time for the Democrats to sweep through Congress, bringing their rebellion and new ideas into the US government.

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