Pluto will conjunct the Galactic Center in July for the second time as Pluto retrogrades in Sagittarius, with the final hit coming in October of this year. This event only occurs once every 248 years and appears to portend a shift in cultural awareness. The Mayans were familiar with the Galactic Center, which they thought to be the source of all creation and which they called Hunab Ku.

Rather than a big and showy cataclysmic event, this cycle of Pluto (transformation) to the center of our galaxy is more likely to bring about a gradual deepening of our individual wisdom and a shift in our collective attention. You can read more about this event and its historic implications here.

Meanwhile, I have been reading a very interesting blog called “Consciousness, Spirituality and Infinite Knowledge” from Mike Eggleston which I’ll add to the blogroll. Mike says that the Mayan calendar “shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt when energies and levels of consciousness have begun and shifted to the next level, the breakthroughs in human existence, from National to Industrial to Religions, Technology and so forth.” I particularly like these paragraphs:

Like all prophecy waiting around for a certain date and expecting something to happen is ignorance, self fulfilling and a result of the duality of the human condition. It is a goal we must work towards on individual and collective levels. We must consciously co create. We must literally BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world. We must be able to work towards enlightenment, to raise our vibrations and begin to see and separate ourselves from the old mindset of Materialism, Separation, War, Greed, and Egotism and see that in reality we are connected to everything, to each other, to God.

This is not something new; it is something that has been occurring since the very beginning. It is our Destiny as human beings to recognize the divinity within ourselves and all of creation. We have separated ourselves through beliefs instilled into the consciousness by other souls. No person, church, government or any other soul has any business putting itself in between you and God. This is the time to reconnect with the very heart of all creation that was severed when this dualistic consciousness set in. Anyone who for a moment chooses to think for themselves and set aside what is accepted as reality can sense the changes through Intuition. Can sense the appearance that “time” is speeding up and has been since the later 1960s. In reality it is Creation that is speeding up. For example, the technological breakthroughs and advancements that have occurred in the last 50 years compared to the last 5000 years. This is not a Coincidence or a random chance of events.

In this modern world we have lost sight of truth and replaced it with superstition and materialism. Science and Religion, for the most part, have become void of Spirituality and have become controlled and Dogmatic rhetoric. The Cosmos, the universe and everything contained within it is alive and beating to the cosmic pulse. Science has focused for too long on relying on only what could be proved and labeled Physical and disregarded the rest as mystical mythology; Religion has condemned and destroyed the ancient wisdom and anything going against the “status quo”, declaring it heresy and “evil” as a result of this blind dualistic consciousness. Thankfully with advancements in Quantum Physics and the “new” sciences, and people the world over moving away from “organized” religion to explore spirituality and enlightenment we are seeing that this awakening is taking place and the ancient secrets, such as healing, and the development of the 6th & 7th senses, once forgotten, are being revived.

Fear has played a major role in all of this, but if you look back over history itself, even based on the Gregorian calendar you can see when shifts in Consciousness have occurred and when do to changes in energy have recessed, only to give birth to new levels of creativity once again. The Mayan Calendar shows this in detail and it is no coincidence. The Ancients knew, including those in Egypt and other parts of the world were aware of these flows in energy and connection to the divine. Since the metaphorical fall of man or split of Consciousness we have been moving towards this destiny throughout the ages. To become who we truly are and to recognize our divinity. Creation has a plan, a timeline it follows directly from the source. read more…

Many of us are experiencing a change in our energy fields and in our emotions, and it is easy to fear the unknown. This is where trust in the perfection of Creation comes in, and a turning inward to connect to the source of truth within us.

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