quote is from Margaret Mead

There’s no doubt that we are seeing a shift on the world stage along with the shift of Pluto into Capricorn last month. It seems that people all over the world are thirsting for change – to break down (Pluto) the old establishments (Capricorn) and rebuild something better.

  • Fidel Castro has stepped down as dictator of Cuba after 50 years of rule.
  • Kosovo has declared its independence from Serbia, deepening the rift between the West (led by Russia) and the East (led by the US) as nations take sides.
  • Pakistan elections ousted Musharraf’s cronies and installed new Parliament members that will change the balance of power in that country.
  • In the US, a call for change by Barack Obama is sweeping the nation.

It makes sense with Pluto in Capricorn that the desire here is for change simply for the sake of change. Capricorn builds the structures that society depends on: schools, governments, marriage, housing. Pluto seeks to transform those structures, and this hunger for change at this time is not very well directed. This is frightening to those who are entrenched in those structures that are about to change because with Pluto there is no way to control the rising tide. Change happens – the tornado lifts the house and you don’t know until the storm is over where the house will land.

In my work I have seen that Pluto acts as the “will of the higher self.” When we are in a Pluto transit, our higher self takes over and shows the way. We can’t control what is happening, but like the tornado experience we must simply let go and create an intention that the result be for our highest good.

In 1995, when Pluto entered Sagittarius, there was another burst of fervor for change as the Republicans took over both houses of Congress in the US for the first time in 40 years, causing a transformation (Pluto) in ideology (Sagittarius) that continued until the last throes of Pluto in Sag last year. The fledgling European Union had its first elections and expanded its influence, beginning the globalization (Sagittarius) process that continued for the next 12 years of Pluto in Sag.

Change is coming, and all we can do is watch and keep our intention strong and focused.

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