See below for update on the chart of the shooter.

I’m a little late on this subject because I was out all day yesterday preparing for a lecture so I missed the big news event: the crash of a private plane into an IRS building by Andrew Joseph Stack.  I’m hunting hard for a birth date for him and will post a character analysis as soon as that becomes available.

I did find a cache of the pilot’s online diatribe at the Smoking Gun.  Some Tea Partiers are acclaiming Stack as the hero of their cause, but they are missing the point.  Stack’s diatribe appears to favor communism over capitalism when he says “Capitalism: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, as we have been discussing over the past two years, is indicative of destruction and transformation (Pluto) of the foundational structures of our society (Capricorn).  Chiron and Neptune are still nearly exactly conjunct, bring up the anxiety and emotional wounds (Chiron) as well as creating potential delusion (Neptune).  I’ll know more when I have a birthtime, but it appears that the Chiron/Neptune conjunction was likely nearly exactly opposite Pluto in his own chart, activating a deep need within him to make some kind of permanent change.

I’d also like to reiterate something I’ve been saying for quite some time – that this kind of “lone wolf” act is what we have to look forward to when Uranus (radical revolutionary behavior) enters Aries (warfare and aggression) and begins to demand justice.

In other news…I’ve also been looking at the Tea Party phenomenon as being illustrative of the opposition between Saturn (conservative status quo) and Uranus (radical change and new ideas), but it’s starting to look more like Pluto in Capricorn:

Whatever you may think of it, the Tea Party Movement has become one of the biggest business success stories of the Great Recession. Using the Internet, various fairs and the machinations of what amounts to a highly-reputable public relations firm (FOX News), the Tea Party movement has become a successful business franchise.

It’s amazing but true. The once small company that started in Roger Ailes’ basement has actually become quite a profitable company. Just look at the goods that are offered online: one could purchase a Tea Party mug for just $19.99; “NObama” bumper stickers are available for the low, low price of just $2.95.

The Tea Party also provides recreational services. On a weekend, you can go to a public park with the family and enjoy the carnival and vendors that the Tea Party organizers set up. It’s also an educational experience because you have the opportunity to hear the wise the insights of the Philosopher King Glenn Beck as well as those of his disciples — all hawking this month’s book.

Or, if you want an atmosphere without all the plebs, I would suggest going to one of the Tea Party’s exclusive parties. Last month, the Tea Party Nation organization held a Tea Party National Convention in Nashville, Tenn. Each ticket was sold for $550. The headline speaker at this event was Sarah Palin, who charged the small fee of $100,000 to speak directly from the hand. Not a bad way to spend all those extra tax-break dollars President Obama set in place.

WIth my Capricorn Mars I appreciate a good business venture as much as the next girl.  But the necessity to make a dollar off of every idea that comes along is taking the Capricornian virtue of business acumen to an appalling (Plutonian?) extreme.

Update:  This site has a DOB of August 31, 1956.  ouch! Saturn is exactly square to Pluto, and being affected right now by the Chiron/Neptune conjunction, exactly.  Sun/Jupiter conjunction suggesting an overblown sense of importance; Venus and Moon both in Cancer, personalizing his connection to the world and causing him to feel everything extremely personally.  Mars is in Pisces, with a grand trine in water including Venus and Saturn in Scorpio.  Watery Grand Trine people can sometimes find it difficult to have any objectivity with respect to their emotion, and his chart is very short on the air element which would provide that objectivity.

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