Pope BenedictCapricorn rules the structures that give our society form and maintain social order, and for 1500 years the most powerful social structure on our planet has been the Roman Catholic Church. With its own city, its own government and its own rules, the Church answers to no worldly leaders. In fact, for hundreds of years the Church was the supreme authority over even the most powerful of monarchs.

So the current scandal in the Catholic church is about more than pedophilia; it’s about the very question of whether or not the Church is answerable to the governments of men. Dharmaruci at Astrotabletalk has had an interesting series of articles on “Popegate.”   In one recent article he writes:

This could be a terminal crisis for the Catholic Church. It is a huge issue. Rowan Williams, the head of the Anglican Church, recently commented on BBC Radio 4: “I was speaking to an Irish friend recently who was saying that it’s quite difficult in some parts of Ireland to go down the street wearing a clerical collar now. And an institution so deeply bound into the life of a society, suddenly becoming, suddenly losing all credibility – that’s not just a problem for the Church, it is a problem for everybody in Ireland.”

I am sure the same situation must be arising wherever the paedophile scandal has come out. And of course it is not just about paedophiles. It is about the whole culture that has created so many of them. They are symptoms of a deeper sickness. The Church of course does not see it like that, and to that extent I think it will not be able to adapt and survive.

DR also reminds us that, as I wrote in my own article on Pluto in Capricorn, the rebellion of Martin Luther against the Roman Church occurred back in 1517 when Pluto was in Capricorn. Pluto has a tendency to destroy the structures that are rotted and decaying so that they can be rebuilt, but humans aren’t always the smartest of creatures. The Church didn’t exactly fall in 1517, and the Protestant Reformation that followed was a bloody mess.

Today’s world is a different world entirely. It’s a world where instead of four religions there are over twenty major religions, with thousands of minor sects and cults. Whether the pope and the Catholic Church will survive the pedophilia scandal is a topic of current debate, but we might also ask if the Catholic Church will survive this round of Pluto through Capricorn.

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