In an era when it takes $150 million just to demonstrate a candidate’s viability, in lifting all restraints from corporate spending in election campaigns the Supreme Court yesterday pretty much put the United States government fully into the hands of corporations.
The astrology of this event is stunning, arriving as it does at the eve of the second phase of the square from Saturn to Pluto.  Pluto, of course, entered the sign of Capricorn back in 2008.  Capricorn is the sign that is associated with Saturn, and they share a correlation to structures that form the bedrock of society.  Banks, corporations, business, churches – all of these fall under the Saturn/Capricorn banner.  Pluto is the planet most famously of death and rebirth – it also focuses the center of power within us when it is operating in a personal transit to something in our chart, and it can have the same effect on a global level.
Capricorn and Saturn both have a strong focus on the end result, so the end justifies the means.  Pluto is the planet of power as well as the planet of destruction, and under Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2023) we have already seen the destruction of some of our corporate entities as well as the consolidation of others.
Uranus will enter Aries in May of this year and start to shake things up.  Uranus wants change, and in Aries it is rather reckless about the matter.  Uranus and Pluto will not align in an exact square until 2013, and there is potential at that time for a populist revolution.  Uranus seeks fairness and social justice, and in Aries there is a combative quality that can be rather explosive.
Typically in the American two-party system the Republicans have relied on donations from corporations and the Democrats from individual donations.  Barack Obama’s grassroots internet campaign brought in an unprecedented amount of cash, and Republicans, including the ones on the Supreme Court, want to even the playing field.
Of course this wouldn’t be a problem if Americans were well-informed and made their own decisions based on real and accurate reporting.  But in a world where most Americans get their news from Fox and the Comedy Channel, this could take us right into 1984.


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