The US stock markets saw their steepest declines of the year today after a week of downward movement as Pluto slowed down to a crawl in preparation to turn retrograde today.

A very brief (5 minute) study disproved my initial theory that Pluto retrograde events correlated with a downturn in the stock market.  But every market period is different and brings with it unique combinations of planetary energies that affect investors in different ways.

The stock market has been on an upswing since November, buoyed by the perception that the financial crisis is ending.  But Mars is opposing Neptune now, and the drive to achieve and to do (Mars) is clouded by Neptunian disillusionment and confusion, which has likely made the approaching Plutonic dynamic seem overly dark and scary.

Pluto is stationing right now – it won’t actually turn retrograde until the 11th.  The opposition of Mars to Neptune will continue over the next week as Mars itself stations and turns direct, at which point we will see more forward movement in every area of our lives.

Meanwhile, this is probably a time to pull back and adopt a “wait and see” attitude before jumping into the markets.  With all of these reversals it will take some time for the truth to filter through the illusion and reality to set in.

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