Today (August 27, 2021) is the third exact 90 degree aspect (square) between Pluto, planet of creative destruction, and the new planet Eris, planet of discord.  In Rome Eris was called Discordia – she is the goddess who, when not invited to a wedding, began the Trojan War by throwing a golden apple marked “for the fairest” into a circle of goddesses, beginning a dispute that threw Greece into turmoil for ten years.  (Read more about the mythology of Eris here.)  In my research, the influence of the planet Eris appears to coincide with small, seemingly minor, events which create great chaos and disrupt the status quo.

This cycle of the Pluto/Eris square began in January of 2020, and is affecting the US chart rather intensely.  I don’t have to remind you how crazy the election process was in 2020, and how that craziness has continued into 2021.   The second phase of the exact alignment occurred in June 2020 along with all of the other intense planetary energies: a stellium in Capricorn that lasted for weeks, all planets retrograde, etc.   For much of the summer of 2020 the stellium in Capricorn (including Saturn, Pluto and Mars) formed a square to Eris as well.  Talk about discord!  The symbolism of Eris as the goddess who became angry when she didn’t receive a wedding invitation and retaliated by starting the Trojan War is eerily reflected in the events occurring in US politics over the past few years, as well as other events around the globe including the takeover of Afghanistan after 20 years of American efforts.

The Covid-19 virus itself seems to embody the discordant nature of Eris.  It doesn’t follow any rules.  It can’t be predicted in any way.  It affects every patient differently.  There are a myriad of symptoms that seem disconnected.  It erupted, seemingly out of nowhere, quite suddenly and has spread like wildfire.  Just as the golden apple of Eris began the Trojan War and transformed the political landscape of Europe and Asia, Covid-19 will likely create long-lasting transformation to global society.  Since we are in the doorway to the Age of Aquarius, it seems likely that the destruction and transformation caused by the spread of this virus will pave the way for the shift in ages.  Aquarius, the opposite of Leo which is all about the individual, tends to be willing to sacrifice the individual for the sake of the collectively.

The entire planet is affected by this planetary alignment which will start to wind down towards the end of 2021 (beginning in October). When there is a cataclysm that is beyond our control we can only let go and wait for clarity, and that is what is happening now.  We are in a portal of so many different planetary shifts:  The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December marked a shift in the 800 year elemental cycle from Earth (building) to Air (ideas), and all three outer transformational planets will change signs with Neptune moving into Aries in 2025 and Uranus making the shift into Gemini that same year.  That is a lot of intense transformational energy which will change our world beyond recognition.

I keep having this image of a chasm opening up in the earth between the old age, the Age of Pisces (religion, mysticism, deception, illusion) and the Age of Aquarius (technology, detachment, idealism, collective).  Neither is good and neither is bad, but the chasm is forcing us to either make the jump into the future, or stay stuck in the past and be left behind. ❤️



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