Jill wrote a post yesterday about the sudden disappearance of honeybees, and subsequent research turned up this article which connects weather anomalies to changes in the Gulf Stream circuit, an event which occurred between December 11 and 19th just as Pluto was making its first conjunction to the Galactic Center. There is a link which shows a short period where the Gulf Stream stops flowing towards Europe and flows back down without completing its normaly circuit. Earlier this month I wrote about my hypothesis that the effect of Pluto conjunct the GC, which historically has seemed to bring about major shifts in human civilizations every 248 years that it occurs, seems to have brought the issue of climate change to the forefront of mass awareness.

The disappearance of the honeybees appears to have begun with a sudden dropoff in bee poulations in mid December. There is some speculation that genetically modified seeds may have a role to play. Another peculiarity is that many of the bees are abandoning the hives and leaving their stores of honey and pollen, suggesting that there is something toxic in the hives themselves, and scientists have found up to four different kinds of viruses and fungi in the bees that remain in the hive.

A loss of bees would be devastating to agriculture, since honeybees are responsible for 80% of pollination of crops around the world. Looking back to the reclassification of Ceres which linked it to the Plutonic archetype, we should remember that in her grief the mythological Ceres caused starvation and famine before she negotiated the partial release of her daughter from Pluto’s underworld. In playing god through technological interference with the processes of nature, we may be replaying the drama of Persephone’s abduction and the devastation that ensued.

The natural world is undergoing a huge change as a result of technological progress that will alter forever the lives of humans on Planet Earth. These changes will likely result in tremendous stress for many people, both physical and psychological, which is why it is useful for us to begin to prepare now by expanding our conscious awareness of our true purpose here on earth. The more we align with what is true and good within us and make positive choices to evolve and grow, the higher our own frequency becomes and the more change we are able to effect in the world. Many of us feel we have a mission here, and this can cause us to feel somewhat alone and helpless in the face of such huge obstacles. But we are not alone – we are interconnected by spirit and substance, powered by intention and fueled by love. Maintaining our focus on the higher goal will help to keep us from despair as we connect more and more with the truth that lies within us and facilitates a process of lasting change.

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