Robert Wilkinson has a great article about Pluto in Capricorn today.  I particularly love this section:

Pluto is how we confront the seeds of what is and could be, and learn the willingness to do what it takes to get to the core patterns so that a better seed can sprout in our lives. If we consciously embrace a determined focus utilizing Pluto’s power of “Economy of Energy” we can find our greatest realizations of who we are, who we could be, and how we could become a “sprouter of Divine Seeds” in the lives of all we touch.

Pluto in Capricorn can lead us into purified structures of becoming, seed forms of transformational power that can change how we organize and author the forms in our lives forever. If you are glimpsing seeds of taking responsibility and moved to embrace new disciplines, of claiming Divine power based in Truths you’ve been living forever, then you’re on to the secret Pluto holds for all of us.

Pluto is powerful, but its influence is not to be feared. Whatever Pluto removes from our lives is stuff we no longer need – Pluto teaches surrender and transformation to that which is for our highest good.

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